Sunday, March 6, 2011

March is Sucking the Creativity Right out of Me

Friday night I was an adult. The hubby and I got to enjoy dinner with friends and no kids! That is VERY rare. We waited almost an hour for a table and then once we were done with dinner sat at the table for at least an hour more having real adult conversation – sweet revenge! I even let the waitress talk me into getting something that I would never normally order and it was good. The hubby worked in the restaurant industry for many many years and he has always said the staff knows what is the best, so always go with that.

She talked me into one of these and it was AMAZING!

Saturday I cleaned the house – no surprise there. While I clean, I make the girls help me. They hate it, but when I was younger I had an Aunt who cleaned her house with me keeping her company and I learned a lot of tips and tricks that way. Plus, hate to break it to you girls but GET USED TO IT. It’s designated woman’s work.

Sometimes I let the girls pick which room is next out of a hat, sometimes they take turns with each room and sometimes I just tell them to talk to me while I work. (That is pretty much the way it usually goes) My youngest daughter always does that same thing when I tell her to talk to me. She starts with. “What’s your favorite color, Mom?”

I don’t know if I have an absolute favorite color. I love browns, and blues mostly, but tend to wear a lot of black. She said her favorite color was green. That’s funny because if you ask most kids that will be the color they choose at some point.
Then she goes to, “What’s your favorite animal?”

Again, hard to say…. I like big dogs but don’t necessarily want one right now. I like looking at tigers and polar bears in the zoo, I love the draft horses and cows at the county fair, and growing up I loved horses and vowed I would have some one day, but I am not dedicated to loving one particular animal. The hubby loves squirrels, my son loves cats, my daughter has a strange passion for flamingo’s and the youngest daughter changes her answer every time we talk. Yesterday’s answer was Polar Bear.

Today we woke up to snow on top of all the rain we had gotten yesterday. I think it’s going to be a pajama/movie/board game day. One of my favorite kind of days – especially when the house is clean, the laundry is done and the weather is crappy.

PS – I also had to figure out a costume for my daughter’s President report speech. She has to dress like the first lady and guess who she is??


(I know EXACTLY what you are thinking, I thought it too, but instead I found her some pearls, a handbag and a nice coat to wear)


A Cappelli said...

HA! Betty Ford, that's awesome! Yes, March is already dragging its feet about leaving. At least you get to go out with the hubby. I get 2 days out of the year, my husband's birthday and mine. And, I never enjoy them because I put so much pressure on making them count- which just gives me a stomach ache. I really do need to leave the house more often.

The Schweitzers said...

What is that drink. It looks lovely and I may have to make one at home. And March...March has NOT been my favorite month and we're only on day 6!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - picturing a little one as Betty Ford. too cute.

your drink looks amazing. what was it? looked like a dessert. yum...

yesterday was spent lazing around the house. did a bit of picking up, but not much. today is taxes (blech) and laundry. I don't mind washing, drying, etc. - or even the hanging up of stuff. hate to fold and put away. oh, i'll fold - that's not the problem.

Oilfield Trash said...

I am dying laughing over here at the Betty Ford joke.

Emom said...

Betty I remember, she was criticized for wearing a "pants suit"....smiles.

Kimmie said...

yesterday was SUCH a gross day here. I did laundry. And that's it.

Dh has tomorrow and Tuesday off work....we'll go out for breakfast tomorrow and lunch on Tuesday. I can barely contain my excitement.

Good luck to Betty Ford! LOL

Sherri said...

That drink looks divine....and topped off with a Betty Ford costume? Classic...made me laugh!