Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five Fingers of Gold

Dear True Love – (Your letter 5 of 12)

This is your fifth letter from me in regards to your crappy gift giving. I only write these letters so that your future love does not have to go through what I did. I have to admit looking back, when I received this fifth delivery you had me somewhat fooled. Instead of the normal courier service delivery, I received an actual package delivery. I have to admit I kind of missed my Turkish friend.

To my surprise the box was small enough to hold an actual item that was NOT ALIVE. Furthermore, imagine my look of surprise/confusion when I opened the box to find five gold rings.

After a moment to adjust to them, I have to ask you - Have you seen the kind of people who wear rings on every finger?

At least I can cash them in and the money will pay for the cleanup I will have from the bird do-do all over my roof, sidewalk and car.

 I still don't understand the meaning of the five gold rings?

STILL despite the improvement, No longer Yours,


PS- I imagine I am getting 6 of something soon. Can I have six of the following? (Pick one, any one and we could be FRIENDS from afar…..

PSS – I took the kids to see Tangled. Normally not a fan of kid movies, but this one was GOOD. It really was. Even the hubby enjoyed it and that is saying a LOT. If only you were more like a Disney Prince, we’d have gone so much further….. If Only.


Doria said...

I kinda like the pac man rings and the one with the bracelet, those were awesome! I would def wear the pacman, too funny!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL! I could use some gold rings to cash in, too! hahaha!

Marla said...

I may need to purchase that chariot ring.

Loved Tangled. Good stuff.