Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There is a Bah-Humbug in my bed!

Every Year.
Without Fail.
We get into a fight (maybe that is too harsh - argument, disagreement, scuffle, battle royale?) - days before Christmas.

I used to chalk it up to stress, multiple children in various life sucking stages, or unfortunate events in life.
But I am NOT STRESSED this year.
OH! Maybe the Bah Humbug is?? Well, it is possible, but don't ruin my good mood because of it.  Why would there be stress? It can't be the amount of money in the bank account after Santa raided it.  It can't be the 17 people coming over on Christmas Eve.  It can't be worrying if the kids will be happy Christmas Day.  I mean what's to stress about?  It's not like I am nagging or anything, I have only mentioned the following things less than 20 times EACH:

I need a good White Elephant.  HELP ME THINK!!
You're going to shovel the walkway better than that right?
The garage is going to be cleaner on Christmas Eve, right?
What are you planning on making for breakfast Christmas morning?
Are you going to clean out your five junk baskets before Christmas Eve?
What are you going to wear?

He's not the only Bah-Humbug out there either! 
I can name SEVERAL bad cases.  They know who they are.  Of course I have not had any humbug attacks. NONE. Clearly. (don't ask my kids)
This may be my last post until after the festivities because tomorrow on MY VACATION DAY, (as usual) I will be cleaning, baking, decorating, setting out clothes, organizing and doing all things that any proper hostess would do WITH A SMILE of course. 
I promise a great post after Christmas. I haven't been able to share this story because it has to do with the gift to my parents and they haven't gotten it yet, so I do not want to spoil anything,

Merry Christmas, Good Night, and don't let the bah-humbugs bite.


Kate said... I one of the bah humming? Lol. I'm trying to keep the spirit, but these kids of mine are stealing my joy. Add to that the fact that my sweet husband is a wee bit perturbed that I chose this week to sign on to do a virtual half ironman (like having to wrap all the presents himself is such a big deal? I mean, this is a virtual race--with no real prize--that I have little chance of completing and NO chance of winning...clearly, it is vitally important).

On the other hand, I have no hostess duties til
Sunday, which leaves me time to finish my Christmas shopping...after I finish the race, of course!

Merry Christmas, my friend! I'm glad I've gotten a chance to get to know you.

"Miss Bee" said...

My Bah Humbug doesn't SAY anything, he just somehow develops ailments every year around this time. Right now, he has a bad back, severe "gas" pains in his stomach, a possible hernia and a sore throat. I do my best and just continue making hot tea with honey....

Doria said...

No bah humbugs here, YET! And I stress YET! I am excited for the holidays and can't wait for them to be over, will be jumping for joy when I toss that Xmas tree out the sliding door and vacuum the mess up! HA! Happy Ho Ho's and keep on smiling.. It will be over before we know it!

Marla said...

We were laughing with our adult kids over the time I yelled, "It's Christmas dammit! Be happy!"

Yeah, I'm a real mother of the year kind of gal.