Monday, December 13, 2010

Lordy, Lordy x 10 Men in Tights

Dear True Love – (Your letter 10 of 12)

First of all I got slapped by my Turkish friend – he didn’t find this funny AT ALL.

Finally, you got the right sex However these guys you call Lords, well they do not seem interested in ME, although we did have a great time shopping together, watching reality TV and gossiping.

There is a great dance school in the city that they have found a home with, so it will at least be nice to be able to score some decent tickets to the ballet.

Again, I do not get it. Are you trying to show me how masculine YOU are? It doesn’t matter as you know and these guy’s personalities far out weight your manliness. I’d rather spend months with these men than with you and your feathered friends. WHO are you??

ENOUGH – I’m not sure what is worse? Wings or limbs?

Still, thankfully no longer yours–



Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

hahaha! (I secretly love being the first one to post a comment on your blog. Sick, I know - but can't be helped.)

love the pictures.

Kate said...

That last picture is just scary!!

Marla said...

I think the dude in pink might be my cousin.