Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not Ready Yet....

I have to be a real blogger now. My stint as a jaded ex-girlfriend is over, my 12 days of blogger fodder is gone. Now it’s up to me to come up with something witty and entertaining. Something deep and meaningful. Something that will attract my followers, bring in new readers, keep them coming back and wanting more.


Christmas is right around the corner. (Newsflash – right?) I was so ready 4 weeks ago. Couldn’t wait, did everything early. Now, it’s coming too fast, I need to hit PAUSE. This always happens. I don’t get to BE in the moment, and ENJOY the holidays and the spirit of things. Once I get to work, I am all business and then when I get home, I am all Mom/Cleaning Lady/Laundress/Teacher/Blogger/Couch Potatoer. OH and Cat Pooper Scooper-er! There just is no time for Mrs. Clause to come out and play.

This is my last weekend to enjoy the season and I am kind of stressing about it.
One of the many things I have to do is WRAP the presents. **I am not crafty.**  I blame it on the fact that I am left handed and have never been able to operate a pair of scissors properly. I saw those cool bracelet tape dispensers and paper cutters on a commercial recently and thought maybe that would help me, but then I realized I’m talking about ME and no amount of tools will HELP ME.

I would really like to take a sleigh ride with some hot chocolate, the hubby and kids. – Unfortunately, the closest I could come to that, is packing everyone into the Mom-Van, stopping at Starbucks and drive around looking into people’s windows.

I would love to bake all different kinds of cookies Martha Stewart style with my adorable kids. But, I do not have Martha’s kitchen, appliances, money, patience, cleaning service, manicurist or skills. The closest I can come is buying some pre-made dough, baking whatever is left after everyone eats the dough and retires to their room with a belly-ache alone, then throwing out the ones that are burned or under cooked, leaving me with nothing but an under-used oven mitt.

I would love to snuggle with the hubby by the fire in pj’s watching a Christmas movie. The closest I will get is waiting for the kids to go to bed on a weekend before I fall asleep, then race to find some kind of pj’s that do not cover my entire body, flip the switch on the gas stove and find something appropriate at 1am that is still Christmassy that will also interest my hubby. I think Gremlins took place around Christmas and usually plays late at night. That should put us right in the mood for sure.

I would love to go caroling – I suck at singing and DOES ANYONE DO THIS ANYMORE? Where I live, it would be miles between houses and most of the Amish will not appreciate it. So instead I'll sing Christmas carols in my car - I especially like the song by Ella Fitzgerald -Santa Clause Got Stuck in My Chimney

So there you have it. I’ll try to enjoy each day’s Christmassy offerings and keep you posted on my progress…..

How are you enjoying the last few days of the season?


Reckmonster said...

Ohhhhh, I can sooooo relate to you on this post! I look at other people who bring me delightfully baked Christmas cookies and think, " come I don't have the skillz (OR THE TIME!) to do that?!" Wrapping presents with super pretty bows and all of that glitzy paraphernalia - hah! My peeps are lucky if I cut the paper to the right size and don't end up trying to cut a strip to tape over the "exposed" part of gift. And MY singing? Let's just say that small children and herds of goats are easily frightened by some of the "off" pitches I can reach! But hey - MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway! =)

Kimmie said...

I've watched so many Christmas movies the past month I don't think there's one I haven't seen.

I talked the youth group director at church to have the youth go carolling. Does that count? And I purchased cookies in pretty boxes for them to eat when they get back. LOL

Kelley said...

Four weeks ago you were ready?? I'm feeling like a LOSER!! BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those snowmen cookies! Ha! What a cute idea.

Doria said...

I'm trying to enjoy it, I think it's safe for me to say, my Xmas shopping is done, WHEW! I am glad! Now I will attempt this RELAX and ENJOY! MMMMM cookies!

Marla said...

I really like to think of myself as all together with baking and wrapping and all the rest of that Christmas crap. Sadly, you have written the truth about me as well though I will never admit it outloud. I'm sticking with denial.