Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Driving Under the Speed Limit Happens to Good People

When you choose to drive less than the posted speed limit you might create havoc for the family in the car behind you. But by all means, don’t worry, just keep mosey-ing along at a pace of your own choosing because after all, you can’t be responsible for other people’s actions.

When you are the passenger in the car that is behind a car that is driving below the speed limit, it might not be a good idea to ask the driver of your car to not ride the back end of the car in front of you. Especially when you know full well that you do the exact same thing when you are ALONE in the car. You know that you might even express yourself in a vulgar way when you are alone in the car behind the car that is driving under the speed limit.

When you tell the driver of your car to get off the back end of the car in front of you, you potentially sound like a: NAG, hypocrite, know-it-all, goody two shoes, or worse a below the speed limit offender yourself. You have now annoyed the driver for criticizing their driving.

When you criticize the driver of the car that is taking you and your family to dinner, you have more than probably made them annoyed, aggravated, exasperated, wanting to take you home where you and your big mouth belong.

When the driver of your car who is now annoyed is suddenly highlighted by the flashing lights of a police car about to pull them over, it might be a good idea to sit quietly, keeping your mouth shut.

When the police officer claims the reason for pulling your car over is due to the lights not working over the license plate, you might not want to laugh it off. The reason you don’t do this is because the driver of your car, who was previously annoyed is now thoroughly annoyed for being pulled over for a very obnoxious reason and now wants to start an argument with the police officer who has not been apprised of previous events.

Saying the driver’s name in way that makes him feel like a child while he is arguing with the police officer who has an attitude is probably not the best idea you had all day.

When you are now far behind the slow driver but back on the road, it might not be a good idea to critique the driver of your car’s demeanor with the police officer. This might result in the car being turned around heading for home.

When the kids in the car realize that they are not going out to eat because they are back at home, it might not be a good idea to blame the driver of the car.

The best way to recover from this series of events is not starting an argument with the driver of the car who is thoroughly aggravated beyond belief with three hungry children waiting for dinner.

The logical solution is to teach your oldest son how to make scrambled eggs for dinner in case this ever happens again. After you do that, you should then realize that tomorrow is New Years Eve and that kiss you have never gotten at midnight, is once again looking like a never gonna happen situation.

When you drive under the speed limit, take a look in your rear view mirror. If you see a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat with three small heads behind them, STEP ON IT.

Here’s to hoping you get a kiss at midnight New Year’s Eve….