Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love a Man in a Skirt!

Dear True Love – (Your letter 11 of 12)

UGH, THE NOISE!!! Have you even spent time with a Piper?? Thankfully once they “piped” me a tune they were on their merry way.

My newly coined Turkish ESCORT company has gone back to delivering packages only and he says he will never deliver a package to me again. Thanks a lot.

I was really getting used to him and will miss him dearly. Thankfully the next delivery is your last and I truly hope it comes in a small package- you know what that is, dontcha? Let me show you what I would want that will fit nicely in a small package:

You and your small package are thankfully no longer mine–


PS – I am so happy that I have attempted to respond to all of your horrible gifts, however, my blog readers are more than likely a lot happier that this will soon be over. I owe them for listening to my gripes, and for letting me cry on their shoulders. Can’t wait to tell them about my life again and maybe critique an advice column or two. Although, not a lot has been happening as I am buried under a mound of snow and my life has consisted of waking up early, hearing the cries of joy from the kids when school calls and cancels, driving to work for an hour in treacherous conditions, then try to thaw while working to only drive an hour home in treacherous weather and then be badgered for hours before bed time with the questions –“do you think school will be closed?”,” if you had to GUESS, do you think school will be closed?” Are you sure we still have to go to bed on time, don’t you think school will be closed??”

It’s like a bad version of groundhogs day over here.


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i'm gonna miss this...

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

You said man in a skirt and my mind immediately went to Axl Rose and that kilt he wore back in the day. Ga'Dayum .. that was HOT!

Doria said...

I have to start by saying I totally agree with Midwestern Mama Holly, Axle Rose was hawt in that kilt! I don't want t think about snow and definately about school closing over it :) Great post!

Kate said...

I like ALLL your small package gift ideas...well, except your true love's version. lol.

We've only had about 1.5 inches of snow, but school was called off due to the low temperatures yesterday morning. Being a teacher, snow days are still exciting for me. Being a mom of three boys who spent yesterday bickering, I'd have rather gone to school.

Kelley said...

Ha! It's groundhog day! We are wearing shorts over here still (in Texas). Isn't that ridiculous? Cute post about that crazy piper!

Miley said...

ohhh, I am going to have to go back and read all the rest of these!

I DO like your "small gifts" ideas, though. I may have to snag those, pass 'em on and beg.

Marla said...

Perfect small gift selections. Please send the snow this way.