Saturday, January 8, 2011

All the way to the Zoo –

(Where I post AND participate in The Red Dress Club challenge to blog by starting every sentence with a letter of the Alphabet IN Alphabetical order…. This should go REAL well as I am doing a double challenge…..) (Be prepared for an abrupt stop, I am sure!)

Am I crazy? Birthdays in our house allow the kids to choose an activity as well as where they want to go out to eat and what they want as their gift. Clearly, January is a sucky time for a Birthday activity but we made the best of it.

Proof, it was cold, I couldn't even smile properly

Donning a pair of magic mittens – (thank God for those- buy some for the kids and I can wear them too) and lots of layers, the hubby, four little girls and I began our adventure. Early this morning, (do you consider getting out of the house by 10:30am on a Saturday with four kids early?) we took four girls to the Zoo. “Friggin cold “, was my first thought as I stepped outside in the 17 degree weather. Giant snowflakes fell around us as we walked through the Zoo parking lot. Humidity this time of year where we live is very rare so the thought of walking around the Rain Forest delighted all of us. Incidentally, they hardly charge you at all to come to the Zoo when it’s below freezing.

Just like true adventurists, we spent the better half of the day in the Rain Forest, and on the heated trolley. Keeping warm when we had to be outside was done by jogging from building to building and of course lots of giggling. Laughing hysterically at one point because the hubby got cornered in the Wolf Lodge by a lady who was really into her job, we left him to listen to her human tape recorder mantra. My poor hubby is just too nice to slowly back away.

Never a dull moment, we decided in order to take the kids to our new found favorite bakery and fill them with sugar. On the way home from the bakery we found and drove through the most amazing cemetery where James A Garfield is buried.

See anything interesting??
Where President Garfield and his Wife are laid to rest

Part of me wanted the day to end there, and just when I thought the gaggle of girls would end, they manipulated us into another night of sleepover. Quiet is not on the agenda for tonight. Regrettably, by Sunday, they will have gone 48 hours on 2 hours of sleep.

So far this year we have done a great job of exploring our City. The next item on my list of things to do and see where we live is a museum of some sort (nice and warm) preferably with only our kids or even better with just the hubby! Unfortunately, a lot of things cost more money than we can spend but so far, we have done a pretty good job of finding the best deals. Victory was had today in saving money, that’s for sure. We got ½ off of everything for braving the below 32 degree temps at the Zoo in celebration of their Polar Bear days.

Xanadu is not where I will be in about five minute’s time, as we have been invited into the basement to watch a production put on by four little girls high on sugar and excitement. (seriously,YOU try starting a sentence with X!) You can bet that the hubby is even more excited than I am. Zoo, bakery, cemetery, four little girls (our son escaped to friends for the weekend) and basement made drama, are quite enough for one man to take.