Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pickle in the Middle

I’m on the cusp, the edge the bubble.

My youngest child stood in the doorway of my bedroom at 1am this morning. She said.  “Mom, Dad – I just threw up.” Of course I turned to the hubby and gave him a good shake and said “Help Me”……?

We had an agreement! He is Puke and I am Poop. For the past 14 years it has worked out really well. He used to bar tend for a living so puking is a non-issue. I never worked in plumbing before, but I took the back end to forgo the top end. I just can’t handle anything about throwing up.

But at 1am, as I shook him, he didn’t move. Well, he moved enough for me to know he was OK, but she was waiting in the door for SOMEONE to come and help and I had wasted enough time already, so reluctantly, I made a lot of noise going TO HER RESCUE.

Guess What?

What I thought would be a disaster to clean up was in the toilet and gone with a simple flush. She was already washing her hands, brushing her teeth, asking who was going to stay home with her and apologizing (they are so darn sweet when they are sick!)

So I realized at 1am something to be CELEBRATED (might have to get a little cake for this one)

Much before we reached our current stage

Check it out:

No more diapers, No more bottles, No strollers, All shoes can be tied without my assistance; everyone can now ride a bike. Everyone sleeps through the night in their own bed, pukes in the toilet even when they sleep on the top bunk. No babysitters needed, rare occasions of homework assistance, no car seats, can swim in a pool with only one of my eye's on them.

I’m in the middle. I’m in the safe zone. I’ve made it through the first however many stages that I forgot to keep track of.

Trust me – I KNOW it’s not over, I KNOW what’s around the corner.

(Learning to Drive, dating, the whole monthly girls thing, shaving, hormones, college applications, Homecomings, Proms, exploring their boundaries, testing my ability to CATCH them making bad choices, broken hearts and disappointments)

Being in the quiet in-between, I am not so sure the past was harder than the future is sure to be. Kind of wondering if I can handle it…..

But I am halfway there. Little pat on back happening over here….



I am so there with you. Especially with the puke thing. I can handle just about anything else in the world (besides needles). It is so nice to be done with diapers! We have such a range in age (3-12) that I still have to tie a few shoes but I have also gone through shaving and have advised on the monthly visiter. Hasn't come yet. Been waiting for that surprise for what seems like a year now. The little bit of a break is nice though with some of the stuff. So here's to mom's's gonna get tough, but so are we. Let's hope we can handle everything to come and handle well.

The Schweitzers said...

My husband can't handle anything (or so he says). Just yesterday, the youngest (4) was sick and managed to throw up...right after eating a handful of Skittles. That was pretty. Then after he said he was feeling better, he attempted to eat supper. He had several bites of BBQ sandwich, turned, and threw up all of the dog's head. (Dog's fault for begging!) I'm looking forward to the next stage! Again, love your blog.

Doria said...

Mine is 7. She can't ride the bike yet :( Still some puke, no diapers tho, thank goodness! Im excited to see her drive and grow up, I don't want it, Id rather she stay my baby forever, but of course, that just doesn't happen that way. But it should be a lot of fun and more stress Im sure. But it's ok. Oh the joys of parenthood!

kt moxie said...

Ha! I love it! I never thought of puking in the toilet as a milestone, but IT IS. We are all SOOO happy when they can make it to the bathroom and there's no mess to clean up. I still have one in pull-ups at night, so I'm not quite there yet...

Kimberly said...

I cannot handle the puke thing. I can handle every other bodily fluid ever made, but not that one. My kids are pretty good about it, but last time...well, I'll spare you the details. Just know that I probably should have bought stock in Lysol.

Marla said...

You will do great with what's coming. Trust me.

LOVE the photo!!