Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unexpected Blog Company

I am the person who has to have the house clean with everything in its place when we go away on vacation. Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen that often.

I really can’t relax well until the house has been cleaned. (Although I'm more about everything in it's place, rather than sanitized)

I like to be ready. For what?? WHO KNOWS!

In my married life, I would say the amount of drop-in guests with no warning who actually came into the house not just stood in the doorway have been maybe 5 ...... total.

(WHY am I so worried about the house??)

I am slowly getting better. Some weekends I wait until Sunday to clean. During the week, I do minimal household chores. Just a load of laundry every day, bed is always made, dishes out of the sink, and all surfaces have been Windex-ed at least once. With a few other odds and end thrown in.

That’s some background for you.

Here is my dilemma of late:

What if, in my dream world, I get picked for Blog of Note?

What if I had a crappy post, I am selected and all the visitors check my blog out BEFORE I have time to post something worthy??

Do they warn you beforehand? Do you get a 30 minute head start??

This is not a far-fetched issue. Some of my favorite blogs are ones I found because they were Blog of Note!

I worry about this. Especially when I am on a streak like this past month.

The good news is that if I am going to get noticed, NOW would be the right time since half the country is buried in snow, and half is in bed with some sort of sickness, at least a post is better than none/less competition??

Have you ever had unexpected company? Do you worry about this? If you had someone stop over RIGHT now, what would you HAVE to put away?


The Schweitzers said...

I always clean before we leave too! I think it's for 2 reasons:
1) If something should happen to all of us at the same time, family members, cops or someone would have to be in my house when I wasn't there and I don't want them to see us for the slobs we can be.

2) I'm usually exhausted when I come home and I feel totally overwhelmed if I have to unpack AND clean.

"Miss Bee" said...

Ha! I don't think you have anything to worry about... I find all of your posts entertaining - but I love the analogy!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

well, i would have to clean a spot on the sofa for someone to sit there. Maisey's pillow is on the end of the sofa.

jerrod said...

I can't wait until you get blog of note. Then I can say that I have another friend who is famous and I'm not. Still. Yeah, still not.


Kate said...

At our house? Oh, man...I'd almost rather burn the place down. Trying to keep up with dog hair alone is a nightmare (and I HATE having dog hair on me!).

Unexpected blog company would be fine. You know, til they fell asleep reading and drooled on the keyboard. My blog is just me and what I've been up to. Or reading, since I haven't been up to a whole lot lately.

I'd LOVE if you were Blog of Note! Then I could be all...I knew her back when...

Kelley Simpson said...

I'm with you about cleaning before we leave. Few things feel better than coming home to a clean house. Just when you thought nothing was better than your own bed, you snuggle into your own bed with clean sheets!

I totally agree with The Schweitzers' #2 for sure. I'm new to your blog but being that I showed up unexpectedly last week, I found your "house" in perfect order, so much so that I come back every day. Be true to yourself because it works...really well.

Thank you for sharing my morning coffee with me.

Kimmie said...

Anyone who stops by without warning gets what they get.

Besides. My mom always calls ahead of time. She used to only give me warning as they were walking out the door but they're an hour+ away so it gives me time.

I do try to clean before we leave on vacation. The thought of coming home to a mess would completely un-do me.

Doria said...

I so just dont care enough, Id be like, errrr, my house is a flippn disaster, you sure you wanna come in? hahah.. They all know Im messy... LOve the post. Dont worry lady you post are always nice! :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

I clean the place before we take off on vacation as well. Nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty house.

Cheeseboy said...

I think about the blog thing all the time... hoping my last post won't drive people away because it is a POS. But the drop in company... I never think about it.

Marla said...

I love drop in company. I keep a fairly clean house and I don't worry if things aren't perfect. They came to see me and not my house, right? RIGHT??

I don't worry about ever being a blog of note. I am barely a blog. I'm more like internet mayhem. But I hope you get it. I'd vote for you.