Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sometimes You Need a Little Sap in your Life.....

In light of two very special people who celebrate their birthdays yesterday and today, because of them,
I am:

Surrounded by love for all things Flamingos, Kitties and anything in the baby stage.

Dark Chocolate, Birthday Cake on an ordinary day and Brownies on your Birthday.
Driving a Red Camaro listening to “I want your Sex” too loudly and making me turn their heads, watching a three wheeler flying by, hoping she remembers to turn it off when she stops.

Shopping for pleasure, going to hidden boutiques and finding something tiny and unique.

Tiny paper art, messages written in a card knowing she misses me and always getting a letter when I need it most.

Passion for books and novels, reading into all hours of the night.

Pajama Days, cuddling under blankets watching movies, reality TV and Soap Opera's.

Perfume, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Apples – smells that stay with you for all of time and bring you back.

Thick Hair, freckles, sunburned skin, long legs, bad eye sight, tiny ankles and wrists.

Tears for commercials and dumb TV shows, laughs for rom-com movies, the love for ghost stories and being scared.

Laughing uncontrollably on minute, stamping feet and slamming doors the next, passion no one else can understand.

Loyalty, friendship, unconditional love, pride and then fear of social situations.

All things cheese, bread and everything bad for you but so delicious.

Able to walk for miles and appreciate nature while burning off the calories.

Love for gossip just between us, keeping secrets, special waves, and sharing journals.

Desire to keep our shoes clean, our spaces tidy with a drawer full of memories that most people call junk.

Bravery, high tolerance for pain and ability to handle daily aggravations and annoyances with Class.

Making a house a home, a room a haven and memories to last a lifetime.

Looking forward to adventures to come, always counting on hugs and compliments and four more than capable shoulders to lean on.

My Mom and my oldest daughter, you have given me so much and make me who I am.

And tomorrow, back to tongue and cheek sarcasm, don't worry!