Monday, January 3, 2011

Stick a plunger on it and this is what you get (sorry!)

Did you get over your first day back to work/school/life? If not there are 28 more days of what seems like the longest month of the year to settle in.

Besides having both my parents and the hubby’s Mom born in January (his Mom and my Mom share the same day even) our oldest daughter and second child’s birthday is tomorrow. She will be 11. It’s so hard to believe. I can still remember sitting on the end of my bed in our two bedroom duplex, eleven years ago. It was New Years day and I was wearing full maternity (this is how warped my memory is, I can tell you EXACTLY what I was wearing on any given day back to the age of 5) –dressed from head to foot, just in case I had to rush to the hospital. It was late in the day and I was crying because I really wanted to have the millenum baby and she WOULD NOT ARRIVE. I was a mess. Needless to say a few mornings later, I woke up and she followed in a mere two hours. Had she arrived one day later she would have shared my Mom and the hubby’s Mom’s birthday. Her name would have been a combo of theirs. But instead she got her own unique name and in my opinion the mis-fortune of having a birthday too close to Christmas.

So if you do not see a post tomorrow, it is because I will be busy eating brownies and ice cream. (She has always wanted brownies rather than cake on her birthday –I even tried asking if she wanted the brownies frosted and was turned down – we get away with powdered sugar instead. ( darn it – I REALLY like Birthday Cake!)
Back to the plunging part. I’m still a little blocked in the amazing blog posts area. While browsing around I came across some things you might need to know about this great month of January and specifically about today.
It’s National Bath Safety Month. When was the last time you took a BATH? I honestly cannot remember for myself (probably because I would not have been wearing clothes so I have no memory trigger) it’s been more than six years at least. Funnily enough, just last night I was thinking to myself how easy life has gotten now that all of my kids can shower themselves and I have no more two hour bath monitoring nights. My bathrooms were REALLY clean back when I was stuck in them watching the kids for hours on end in the bathtub. I think I should add TAKE A BATH to my Bucket List for the sake of saying I did it, but there is just never time for that kind of relaxing….. and if you do bathe (in the tub) have you EVER had Calgon take you away?? Where do you go?

Clearly, this is not my tub

It is also National Oatmeal and Soup Month. (Sounds like a good diet idea for January) and TODAY is Festival of Sleep Day.

That really sucks because I was up at 4:30am working out (Yep, you can pat my back, I did!) and will probably not get to bed until 11pm, so I don’t get to enjoy the greatness of this day. But if you like celebrations just don’t fall asleep in your bath with a bowl of soup, or else you might be bathing in broth.

PS: If you have any fruitcake hanging around, today is National Fruitcake Toss day too as well as humiliation day. If you get CAUGHT tossing your fruitcake out the kitchen window by your nosy neighbor, you have officially celebrated this day.

Working out the block, how are YOU?