Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why I Can’t Think of a Single Thing to Say

I have been sitting (wandering around the house aimlessly) here for the last two hours trying to figure out what to blog about.

I CAN think of some reasons WHY I have nothing to say:

1. Since my last post I haven’t done anything special enough to tell you:

I took down the Christmas tree’s. This WAS a first for me. I took them down on New Year’s Day for the first time in my life EVER. This is unique because I have been known to keep them up until March some years. Not because I am lazy. It’s just that I like them, I like the extra light they give (I live in OHIO, it’s DARK inside) Plus, I really hate letting go of the Holiday Hoopla. I’m a sucker for it.

I went to Target and did NOT spend $100. Mostly because I do not have $100 extra to spend right now and all the good stuff is gone. I did see that people are buying up the storage bins and excersise equipment. I really hate this time of year at Target. For lack of anything better until Valentine’s Day, (yes, they had some of that out already) they will soon be bringing out that World Decorating –over priced crud. Lots of bamboo and things I would put in a vacation house, but not in my log cabin in OHIO and I do not have a vacation house.

2. My hubby is not a good idea generator.

He IS good blog fodder, and I have written several posts thanks to him, but whenever I ask him what to write he always says the same thing: “Write about how sexy you are”. I LOVE the compliment, but he HAS to think I’m sexy, the poor guy. I highly doubt my readers think of me as a SEXY blogger they most want to hear from.

He has been sitting next to me for the last several hours on his laptop – (we sit side by side at the dining room table ) he is browsing news sites, and I am shifting miserably in my chair trying to think of something to say. Every once in awhile he leans over to see how far I have gotten and when he sees me staring at a blank page he give me a sideways sympathy look. If there is something on the page, he says: “You are going to write THAT?” See my dilemma??

3. I am boring.

I’ve come to this conclusion. I used to think of myself as so much FUN and exciting. I told the hubby today: “We need to socialize more.” Then to encourage him to want to socialize more, I told him he could gain some clients if we do. (He is a part time realtor, which in this economy, is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos.)

4. There is no drama.

NONE. This is a good thing for most people. For a blogger, it’s the kiss of death. The holidays are over, so the hubby and I have nothing to argue about. The kids are happily entertained from now until about mid February with their new Christmas presents, and well, see reasons 1-3.

5. I’m Happy

Equally as detrimental to a blogger as not having drama. Who wants to read a happy, boring person’s blog? (Unfortunately I must just suck at blogging, because the majority of the blogs I follow are happy drama-less blogs)

I can’t even think of any more reasons why I can’t think of something to say. As a blogger, it’s not a rule of thumb to not say anything if you have nothing nice to say. Instead, you have to say something, even if it’s not so nice. So there you have it. Please come back tomorrow, because I am CERTAIN by then, something will come to mind. If not, I will send you a picture of the hubby furiously plunging my head with (a new) toilet plunger.

(see: Got a Plunger?  – the last time I had Bloggers Block)