Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cabin Fever at it's Finest

I Could, But I Won’t –

I was going to write a post about how we went to our city’s Home and Garden Show on Saturday, but then it was about as dark and depressing as the show itself, so I spared you the details and deleted it. (Thankfully free tickets softened the blow) I came away feeling bad for the people working there…. This was slow economy in your face and it was not pretty.

I could tell you about how much I enjoyed the movie Secretariat, but then you will think I am a nerd, so I won’t. (I will say that I think I enjoyed it more because the hubby took our son to the store for gym clothes and shoes while I got to cuddle with the girls on the couch after a long and stressful work week)

I could tell you that trying to find a place to eat on a Saturday night at the end of January when everyone has cabin fever sucks, but I am sure you know this. I know you know this because we found a place in the middle of nowhere and got the very last table available (right by the continuously opening door and freezing window in full view of every single person waiting for their table in a prime location)

I felt like I was on a reality TV show. Our manners, food selection, kid’s behavior and conversation were on display. After a little while I decided to just have fun with it and did a lot of hand holding with the hubby because there were some very-annoyed-with each other-couples watching.

The girls giggled throughout dinner and I bit my tongue, because there were some really haggard mothers watching my every move. I thoroughly enjoyed my food because there were some really skinny women staring me down hungrily.

We even let the kids get Sundaes in spite of everyone who was timing our dinner. Thankfully the kids had their backs to the angry crowd of people wanting our table.

I could tell you how this is the third post I have attempted today. I am still in my pajamas. I am thinking of absolutely everything possible to do except clean the house. Even a game of Monopoly sounds more fun.

I could tell you that I am so happy it’s already almost noon on Sunday and I can’t WAIT for Monday, but I won’t because it is so not true…..

Literal Cabin Fever


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I could tell you that you've had an awesome Saturday (and Friday night) but I won't because you already know that. {grin}

Glad it was great. (I just got out of my PJs and it's 1:00 PM.)

Kate said...

I'd like to see that movie.

We've been out and about, but I'm so over winter. I'd say I'm going to plan a big Groundhog Day fete for my class, but they're forecasting 1/2" of ice and 6-10" of snow in the next few days (first one, then the other), so I'm putting all my energy into NOT expecting a snow day so I can be pleasantly surprised and NOT freaking out about trying to get home from school if the ice comes in the middle of the day as expected...bc what can I do about it, other than breathe deep and drive slowly.

Kelley Simpson said...

I will tell you I just showered and its almost 3pm here in rainy California. See I can't even tell you it's sunny here. I am comforted that I am not alone today, because you just wrote my story.
Snuggle up and stay warm, and know that a girl somewhere is happy you write, and do it well. Let's here is for Monday, oh wait, never mind.
All the best to you, Kelley

"Miss Bee" said...

I love that you held hands and bit your tongue and let the kids have sundaes... If you're going to have cabin fever, might as well make sure everyone looking on thinks you are enjoying it more than they are!

Marla said...

K ~ Thank you for your sweet comment. I always feel better when I stop in here. I would have watched Secretariot with you because I LOVED it. As for the dining experience.....always chew slowly. :-)

Diplo_Daddy said...

I often sit in front of my computer screen, waiting for something to happen. Eventually, the words start to appear on the screen. Happy to hear you had a great weekend, nevertheless.