Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did those Bowls Come with the Cats?

You know those little square Magic Towels? - You know, they are teeny tiny usually found at the end cap in the dollar store or souvenir shops? They advertise that if you put them in water they will grow. Grow to supposed full towel size?? Like a beach towel,  yeah, a beach towel for your big toe that is.

Ok, now that we are on the same page hold that thought.

Last night my daughter who was reluctantly doing her cat job (we have two cats- which have been highlighted in previous posts – I am not a cat fan, got them for the kids because their Guinea Pig had died in front of them on the first day of summer and they were buy one get one free, so I ended up with two of course)  well she asked me a funny question. Let's say a funnily worded question that is.

She picked up the silver water dish for the cats( because you have to have a cool water dishes or else where is the fun in having a pet? ) and says to me, "Mom, did the bowls come with the cat's"?

Insert dreamy cloud scene and music:

Inner kid style, I said: "Yes, honey, I bought the silver bowls because they looked so cool, I just had to have them even if we didn’t have any pets at the time, they were just so pretty and they were in Target and I had only spent up to $89.00 at that point.

You see, I didn't notice until the bowls were being bagged that these little square things were attached to the inside. They were buy one get one free, so I had to have two bowls of course.

Once I found my car in the parking lot by clicking the door opener several times and looking for the beacon of lights, I inspected the bowls a little closer. Attached were these tiny packs of expanding Magic Towels.  One said GREY and the other said TABBY on it.
“Hmmmmm”, I thought to myself, that sounds like a fun project for the kids!

Once I got home, the kids were asleep of course (because I planned it that way -you know leave the hubby at home around bedtime and let him deal with it) so I stuck the square magic growing towels in a tub of water and went to bed because shopping at Target takes a lot out of you.

OH! I almost forgot - I put the shiny silver bowls on the counter so I could think about all the yummy things they would hold the next day - chocolates, chocolate covered nuts, dips, chocolate in one and dip in the other , chocolate covered nuts in one and dip in the other, oh, the possibilities!!

When I woke up in the morning, to my HORROR, I mean delight, there on the floor in a small puddle of water (I think it was water?) instead of giant beach towels, were a grey and orange kitten.

“So, honey, you ask, did the bowls come with the cats and the answer is why, yes they did.”

The moral of the story is to NEVER; I mean NEVER buy those square folded up Magic towel/sponge things. You just never know what your gonna get.

The End.