Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not so ugly in a bubble....

I read back on my post yesterday and realized I have left you with a very poor impression of myself.
Really,  I do like myself most of the time. I am not ugly. It’s just the season. I felt it was important to say this because if I am down on myself then we are in trouble and headed down a dark depressing road.
You’ve got to love yourself and laugh. Not like rolling on the floor, more like, Ha Ha, that's funny...
I mean come on, it’s pretty comical the crazy things we put up with from our bodies. Then on top of all that, there are seasonal clothing issues, lack of money for yourself, and just keeping up with the Smith’s not to mention the Jones’s.

Today for example, every single time I touched my forehead, I felt a sharp pain. As I sit here thinking of what to blog about while rubbing my forehead I realize that the pain is from a slowly growing PIMPLE in the MIDDLE of my forehead. It's going to be the size of a GOLFBALL!!
Now COME ON!!!
I am WAY too old for pimples. I was too old for pimples when I hit 18. I’m just a little over 18 and I am not happy with this developing situation.

Moving on….

To my shoes. I have a really GREAT pair of expensive shoes. They look really good with jeans, they are stylish and they were expensive. The hubby surprised me with them. I take GREAT care of my shoes. Today, I look down and see that the entire side seam of the shoe is coming undone, to the point of making it look like my foot is too FAT for my shoe.
YEP. FAT FOOT IN A LITTLE SHOE…. (you have to sing that part like Chris Farley in my FAVORITE - "Fat Guy in a Little Coat ".....  EVERYTIME I put on my coat that plays in my head)

But I have TINY size 6 feet and bony ankles (one of the attributes I DO like) so..


And the worst part is, that I am going to have to wear these dang shoes because my son needs shoes for gym class and my daughter needs new shoes and you know the drill...... Priorities. Darn shoes….

Glad I got all that off my chest.

Everybody is sick. Hacking, Coughing, Sniffling, Sneezing, you name it they all have it and quite honestly I am wanting to be a girl in a bubble.
I do not want to get sick, even if it is a day off from work (and I mean HOUSEwork, not out of the house work). I love being healthy and am usually really positive about my good health,  But I am starting to get freaked out with all of the sickness.
The funny thing is that once there are a lot of sick people then the ones that aren’t really sick but just say they are for a break,  horn in on the situation and you never know if you are dealing with a real sickie or a fakie.

It's a vicious cycle.  I then have to worry that if I DO get sick, it will be at the most inappropiate time.  Like on the day all the fakers call off. Or on a Saturday.

But back to me.

My bubble.

If I had to be in a bubble because I was the last of the healthy ones, I would want a vintage style bubble.

Here are some things I want in there with me (besides family OF COURSE) Of course I would want my family, but if I HAD to be all alone in my vintage styled bubble, this is what it would look like:

I know, you could care freaking less. But it’s Tuesday. It’s January. It’s cold, I’m feeling ugly and by tomorrow, I might have a second head.  Just go with it and tomorrow will be so much more exciting!

What does your bubble look like?


Kate said...

I had a lovely sick bubble going this weekend. I slept almost the whole time, other than the volleyball tournament. I was feeling lousy on the way home from work, and thank goodness I mentioned it to my husband, because then when I got home and he mentioned that he didn't feel well I was secure in the knowledge that I had "called sick" first and he'd just have to suck it up and be the parent. :)

As style bubbles go, yours is so much more stylish than mine, so I'd just like to come and have a coffee with you in yours.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i haven't found it yet, but i'm sure i need one.

Doria said...

haha... Thats a nice bubble. Sorry about the golf ball sized pimple and Im sending well feeling vibes your way :)

Sandra said...

Go ahead and feel ugly. I'm with you. I feel uglier! It's cold. It's dark. I haven't seen the sun in weeks. Move over: make some space for me in your bubble!

Marla said...

My bubble would look exactly like the first photo.

I don't care what shoes I wear, they will never hide my huge size 9feet and I am only 5'2". How is that fair??