Thursday, January 13, 2011

A feather, and I’m on the ground –

Yesterday my son non-chalantly mentioned that he could be considered for honors English next year and he was in the process of deciding whether to take it or not.

He is my first experience at raising a teen. I have many things to learn. It’s been a struggle for me some days. See my previous post titled Teenitis, the disease I have been recently diagnosed with and continue to struggle through.

I knew when he said something yesterday the best reaction was no reaction and to be slightly interested, not too much, don’t harp, don’t be a sap, show just the right amount of interest that doesn’t make you seem like you are trying too hard and make very little eye contact.
It’s an art.
Either you have mastered it, will someday, choose not to ever have to or are perfect and have perfect teenagers and come from another planet.

I didn’t expect to hear anything so soon because as a parent of a teen expectations are emotions you hide, just like the urge to want to hug and kiss them or scream at them.

Tonight, on the way to family fun at the grocery store (not recommended, however when everyone starts asking for different types of soap/shampoo/conditioner/toiletries the normal sole grocery shopper in our family – the hubby – gets a little overwhelmed)
you could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather. (Does the feather come from Big Bird, a large Ostrich or a prehistoric creature – it’s gotta be pretty darn sturdy to knock me down and all)
Our son said – “We need to hurry up because I have to get home and write my essay asking to be accepted into Honors English.” Telling us to hurry up or making the statement about what WE have to do is the normal part.

Later, as he struggled to write his essay we asked him to tell us what he knew about the class. He said, “Well you have to read four books over the summer, there are a lot of projects, you have to like to read and write and it will be very time consuming.” I know what the hubby was thinking because I was saying the same thing in my head (then why take the class? – go for CP English instead, that’s what I would do) but, knowing deep down that we have a son who is even considering this is making us do a little jig whenever he leaves the room - in a cool way of course.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also informed us that he would be taking two more years of Spanish class. (God help me, if I have to hear him complain about Spanish for two more years I may have to acquire a new hobby, and it won’t be knitting or scrapbooking if you know what I mean –but I’m not complaining)

This kid really listened to us. The things we have been telling him about school, grades, classes, they are penetrating that thick skin. He may spend a lot of time on Xbox, ignore his little sisters, resist family outings and say ten words per day, but he gets it.

Now, if his acceptance goes as well as his application to The Honor Society (they didn’t accept him) I will then go in my room, shut the door and throw a baby temper tantrum. The same one I threw when my daughter didn’t win secretary for Student Council, got the mean girl phone call, and any other time you see your child experience disappointment. I know- it builds character; this is why I am behind closed doors doing the silent screaming for them.

Would you look at that? We might make it as successful parents after all…..
 (Are there award ceremonies at the end of all of this, because I really want to walk a red carpet……)


Kate said...

That is wonderful news! I know you're proud. You also have my sympathies, as we have a serious (x2) case of teenitis here, and I know just how debilitating it can be. I am amazed and delighted at any little sign I get that my children (and here, unfortunately, I must also include the 7 year old, who is suffering--well, we're the ones who are SUFFERING, but you know what I mean--with a severe case of premature teenitis) recognize that I'm not a blithering idiot. So, both got such a sign and had the foresight to capture the moment on your blog, so that in the future when you are mired in self-doubt and questioning the thought that you could ever parent a child, you can look back at this brief, shining moment...a beacon, if you will, to carry you through until he has his own children and once again realizes that you know all. :)

Opto-Mom said...

I loved honors English - you know, way back when I was a teen and they hadn't invented paper and we had to read scrolls and stuff. To me, it was actually easier than regular English class because there was more substance to it, instead of just busy work.

Good luck!

Kelley said...

You deserve to walk the red carpet! I hope you find some soon. I think that's great that your son is pushing himself. I really, really hope it works out for him. I enjoyed this post. I laughed out loud at the "ten words per day" bit. I could so see that happening with your oldest (he's 6 now).

On another note, GIRL...your "cleavumbs" is hitting it big! It seems it is a clear favorite so far. I won't put up the "winner" post until Wednesday, are ahead! Speaking you mind casting your vote for your favorite when you get a chance?

Have a great weekend!!

Doria said...

High Fives lady! Sounds like you need the award and the walk down the red carpet. I hope he gets it too :) *fingers crossed*

Marla said...

" slightly interested, not too much, don’t harp, don’t be a sap, show just the right amount of interest that doesn’t make you seem like you are trying too hard and make very little eye contact."

Yep, you get it!

Wonderful news by the way. Well done mom and dad.