Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 Letters & Stick Figures Make Me Angry

I CANNOT stand seeing OBX stickers on the back of someone's SUV or Mom-Van.  It just gets right under my skin!
I'll  preface this by saying:
1.  I do drive a van- I get why we have to drive them.  My Honda Odyssey has been known to take on Mustangs at stop lights and make them eat my dust. I will gladly give the van up once my oldest child gets his license.

2. I am sure that the OBX is a great place to vacation. I have never been. I HAVE been to PI, HH, PIB, KI, VB, MB, PCB, SF,WDW and many more. I used to want to go to the OBX- USED to being the key words, but now based on who vacations there - I think I'll pass.  I just don't advertise my vacation call letters and I don't want to see someone else's. 

3. I MIGHT be a little bitter because most of my vacation days are for when the kids do not have school, when someone is sick, can't use them because work is too busy or can't afford to go anywhere. So if you do sport vacation letters, I'm just a crabby jerk today.

4. My sticker of choice would say WFC. Because I REALLY do not care.....

4. I like my family. (see next rant)

Mom and Dad need helmets too- they are klutzy, I guess.

With that said, I can't stand stick figure families on the back of an SUV or Dad-Van ( not only Mom's get stuck driving them)  They make me crazy. Especially the ones that are wearing Mickey ears, or ones with halo's over their head because then I feel like even more of a jerk. 

Today I saw 10 vacation decals and 6 stick families.  Mark my words, if they do not already have them, soon they will have round figure families to be more correct.

I'm not likin' it, How are you?


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I'm with you! vacation letters annoy me. Buy a postcard, people! And stick figure families with the little dogs and cats....don't get me started!

Kristen said...

On my way to work today I drove behind an SUV with SRQ on his back end - Sarasota -Duh! Then I see a K on the left side - Must have gone to Kent State. How lovely for him! ;0

Anonymous said...

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