Friday, September 24, 2010

Holey Shirts, and Figure Eight Mayhem

I am hoping somewhere out there someone will understand this post. I purchase a lot of my clothes from Target. I know, I just blew my whole image with that statement didn’t I? I bet you thought I was sitting around in my Versace (gosh, couldn’t even THINK of a designer to put here besides Vera Wang and that is only because it’s a name not easily forgotten) and my Louie Batons (I KNOW I spelled it incorrectly, but you know EXACTLY what I mean and A. you are a fashionista and now seriously dislike me or B. you don’t care anymore than I do. If it looks good –wear it. Just not gonna pay a car payment for shoes UNTIL they move me physically from point A to B.

ANYWAY – regardless of my Target wear I somehow manage to look OK, my kids haven’t seemed embarrassed of me lately and I still get compliments from time to time and yes, I do have some nice things in the closet (have you seen the post about my Coach shoes? (ok, done justifying –I bet there are more Target shoppers than otherwise here)

Here is my point: EVERY shirt I get from Target ends up with a small hole in the center front about an inch from the bottom. I’m not crazy because I just discovered this happens to my sister-in-law as well. Same size hole, same area, and ONLY the shirts from Target. I have ruled out every possible scenario EXCEPT the one my husband presented to me. No, it’s not moths, it’s not my belt (I usually never wear a belt) it’s not my belly button (too low and mine is an inny) It’s not my pants ( I don’t pull off studs so well) I don’t have claws for hands or nails, so I’m thinking my husband’s theory might be right on. They design the shirts this way, so we have to keep on buying more of them. It is a mystery I want solved and am curious if it is happening to anyone else?

On another note as luck would have it, the power went out at work and wouldn’t you know, I HAD to leave early. YEAH ME two extra hours of cleaning on my final night to make the house look spectacular for my parents who are in town from Florida for a week. And even better, tomorrow night is my favorite red-neck night of the year. Figure Eight Camper Pull! There is nothing like sitting in the stands and watching grown men in beat up cars pulling anything they can include old campers to kid’s play houses and crashing and smashing into each other. The sheer insanity of the whole night is just so out of the ordinary that it’s pure fun. My poor Mom- not only is the forecast due to go from 91 degrees out right now to 46 degrees tomorrow night, her body will not know what to do with itself, and then to be drug to the crazy figure eight mayhem. But it’s just so fun …..

Looking forward to a nice weekend and How Are You?


Stacey @ Entropified said...

I've got some Target shirts that have lasted for years. (Maybe I shouldn't admit that.) But no holes. Yet.

Karen Peterson said...

Yes! The hole-in-the-shirt happens to me too. But I've also had that happen with shirts from Wal-Mart and Lane Bryant, too. Your husband's theory is a sound one, I'd say.

And that camper pull thing sounds like a lot of silly fun!

Anonymous said...

Umm, you say the figure 8 thing is ordinary, but I would not use that word to describe it. How very weird.

Also, there are so many conspiracies out there I bet the target shirt thing is definitely one of them! Although I don't buy shirts at target. Not because I buy better shirts or anything, just because I never find any there that I like. I'm usually more team Kohls when it comes to clothes. Anyway, good work, detective. I would say you should hand this off to Mulder and Scully now so they can get to the bottom of it.