Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steep Incline

 I was reminded today of something I have a phobia about.  Having to stop my car on a steep hill.  I'm not talking about any hills like in this picture either.  I'd have to stop as soon as I saw a hill like this to go to the bathroom, panic, do some deep breathing, wring out my hands and clothes and then maybe try driving on that hill all while hoping and praying that I didn't hit a light or have to stop for some reason.  I don't even drive stick shift, but something about hills and cars just freaks me out.
When I was a recruiter I had people turn down jobs because they would have to drive on a bridge to get to work.  I thought they were crazy until I was driving on a hill, got stopped in traffic at the steepest point, and proceeded to have a small heart attack. Now I know and completely understand their craziness.

Just sharing a Phobia - What are you afraid of?


Kelley said...

I feel like I can't breathe just by looking at that picture!! Ahh!! Seriously! I didn't think I had a phobia about that until now. Thanks a lot! :)

On another note, I forgot to mention on my blog the other day that those 3 awards are yours, if you want them. You can take one or have them all! I will try to find an e-mail address or something for you so I can send you the "rules" (which you can see see that I didn't exactly follow on my blog).

Lastly- thanks for all of your comments on my blog! I always look forward to reading them. :)

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

and just think if it's snowy and you can't move... and now i'm scared too.

city girl said...

I don't even drive and I worry about that! My worst phobia, though, is of bugs. They don't just gross me out, but I have physical panic attacks when they pop up. Ugh!

Carmi said...

I grew up in Montreal - which is French for "Mount Royal", which is the mountain that's plunked right in the middle of town. So if you want to go anywhere, you're either going up it, around it, or down it.

When I first learned how to drive a manual transmission car, I would force myself to drive downtown, where the traffic and hills are at their very worst. I figured if I could figure it out there, I'd be fine anywhere else. A real baptism by fire.

I got a lot of nasty honks (mean drivers there!) but no one died. To this day, I prefer stick.

Still, that's one psychotic hill, and I understand your fear. I can imagine cycling that thing!