Thursday, September 23, 2010

Critters of All Sorts

I had a snake in my house! Granted, it was tiny and right by the front door, so it most likely came in with the kids thinking it was going to get a little after school snack, but STILL! A SNAKE IN MY HOUSE! My mind was doing that “ignoring what my eyes are seeing” thing, so at first I thought it was a shoelace, and then I’m like a shoelace? That would be about as rare on my floor as a snake, and then when I saw the “shoe lace” slightly un-coil, I thought – WOW that is one hell of a worm and what a weird color! Then LIGHT BULB – That there is a SNAKE! (THERE’S A SNAKE IN MY BOOT!! – had to insert that)

REALLY? Sheesh – what is next?? Have you read my blog? I live in a small town in the country but I am not in the BACK WOODS and yes, we live in a log home, but again we are NOT in the WILDERNESS and so far since we have moved in, we have had:

Normally heard pecking on the house at ungodly hours
Baby Buck
Groundhog Family

Wild Turkey (looked like a family of miniature dinosaurs running around and I kid you not, this was ON Thanksgiving morning!) Rabbits ( I know we all have them but I’m talking, you drive up the driveway and hundreds of them are bouncing all over the yard like they had a huge party while we were gone) a whole family of Groundhogs with babies living under our deck for at least six months now, skunk, (I know because occasionally the smell will waft in and we scramble to close up all the windows) raccoons (right up on the deck, eating the birdseed and also in early spring Mom likes to bring her babies for their annual bath in the melting snow in our yard) a rare game hen –( YES, we called the forestry division because we weren’t sure what it was – lived in our garage for a month in the winter) a baby deer,(yep, we all worried we had a Bambi on our hands) a baby BUCK (who now is a teenager and likes to stand in the road puffing out his chest, taunting me -see my previous post about my phobia of Deer), stray cats (the hubby has actually buried one particular one in our yard and sang Elton John’s version of Goodbye Barbara Jean but said Goodbye Baby Kitten instead to taunt me because I’m not a fan of cats) stray dogs, multitudes of birds, giant woodpeckers, hummingbirds, frogs (Yeah, I know who doesn’t right – but so many that you can practically hear them crunching under the tires??) possum, a muskrat, a COYOTE (yep – had to call the sheriff for that one) and now snakes.

I am writing this here and now, I’ve said it before, but I am SURE that next, I will look out the window above my sink and will see a bear. They have been known to be in this area on rare occasions, but if someone is going to see one, it’ll be us. (Now, lions – probably not. Although I still have the re-accurring dream that Lions are sitting outside my door)

Loving Life in the Critter Cabin – How are YOU?


Cheeseboy said...

That Elton John song seems perfect.

Wow - you really do live out in the sticks. One little snake is probably nothing. We are lucky if we see a squirrel around these parts.

Kelley said...

I'm coming over! I'm packing up my boys and we are on our way. Hold on...what state do you live in again? I loved this post! I loved daydreaming about a life where it is common to see a partying group of rabbits in the frontyard and dinosaur-looking turkey on Thanksgiving morning! That is amazing. Well, all except that snake part. Icky.