Monday, September 20, 2010

Four more days and counting......

Just got done checking out all of the blogs I follow - (FYI, I read your every post! ) and Darn it, but my buttons got pushed. I hate when that happens!! Little lights and alarms are going off everywhere on me right now.  My feet were already STILL sore, my right contact is foggy creating a slowly progressing headache, my nose is stuffy and now, my buttons are pushed and stuck.  This poor blog post didn't KNOW that my parents are coming into town in four short days and I have to clean my house every day after work and then all over again right before they get here and then right after they leave! This poor blog post didn't know that today was a busy day at work and when I got home from work I had to create my student council  " vote for me for treasurer slogan"!  so it's not the blog post's fault OR the author - I quite like the author, I'm just a little sensitive I guess.  If you would like to check out what set me off:
and then, can you tell me just how to get these buttons un-stuck??

We do not buy a lot of everyday things that most people must buy.  We do buy lots of things as soon as we know company is coming though.  You would think I would have wizened up by now.
 I should invite more people to stay with us, and we will purchase more things!! 

For example: Mattress pad cover - first of all, what is the purpose?? Neither my hubby or I wet the bed (anymore) and we kicked the kids out of our bed a long time ago, so just what is the purpose?  Well last night I found out.  A NEW mattress pad/cover stretchy thing that never seemed to fit until we bought a new one- well, it's to make you feel like the Princess from the Princess and the Pea.  But hey, we got a new one just for Mom and Dad.  Meanwhile the hubby and I are gearing up for our five nights stay in the girls bedroom.  It will be like a camp out! The girls will share the top bunk and the hubby and I will sleep together on the bottom! Can't wait!  We have also bought a new hamper. (I can hear you when you think those things about me!) The hamper had some fake wood bits missing, and the new one is much smaller so I will keep up with the laundry! YEAH FOR ME because I LOVE laundry - especially the whites load!
Next on the list: New sheets- I wonder if my parents will mind flannel snowflake sheets???

I have made the following statements to my kids in light of the visitors:

These five towels are not to be touched!  Use the ones with the holes in them that do not match, and when you dry your back they start to rip - those are YOUR towels, these five towels are NOT your towels.

To my teen: If I pay you $50, will you pretend that you like me and smile the whole time Nannie and Grandpa are here?

Do not touch ANYTHING, if you do, you will not do just about anything you like for the next ten years.

If you HAVE to use the toilet, please let me know so I can clean it when you are done.

Do you HAVE to use the eraser?? Can't you just cross it out??

Did you notice that I organized the medicine cabinet, the refrigerator, under the bed, the linen closet, my shoes, the garage, the silverware drawer, the bin the basement where we keep all the pictures JUST IN CASE someone looks in there???

My poor kids and my poor parents! It's NOT them, it's me. I am like this no matter who you are that is coming to my house.  I have no idea what it is, but everything has to be perfect - I am admittedly crazy and you know what? I have a blast the whole time they are here and I don't think they really care how every nook and cranny looks, but I have been presenting my house perfectly for so long, I couldn't possibly stop now......
Just a little uptight today and how are YOU!?

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