Sunday, September 26, 2010


Saturday - Mom and Dad arrived at 10:30am - I had been up since 6am, everything was ready, the house was spotless, we were looking good!  I have soon discovered that my house looks good right after it is thoroughly and meticulously cleaned. Once everyone arrives, well, it's all downhill.  I have been running from room to room and area to area picking up and cleaning, sneaking in a load of laundry here (we never have enough "good" towels) and wiping down surfaces there.  We sat around and chatted, then played Phase 10 (cut-throat style , with lots of bickering and threats) and I WON! (No one gave me a trophy or anything though)  Then everyone threw on as many layers of clothing that we could think of (it has gone from 91 degrees to 46 degrees at night in one day- plus the 'rents reside in Florida, therefore the blood has thinned) and off to the races were we.  It was defiantly mayhem and extremely fun.  The last night of racing drew a huge crowd and we sat from 6pm to 10:30pm with half of the county.  We ate deep fried hot dogs (a first) and french fries thanks to the guys who waited in line for over an hour to fetch us dinner. The hubby insisted on sneaking to the car in the middle of the festivities to turn it TOWARDS the exit for a speedier escape- (only a MAN) and in order to do this, climbed monkey-style down the back of the bleachers because we were packed in like sardines.  (I'll post pictures soon- but figure eight camper pull - well, just picture a category 5 tornado having just ripped through a used car lot and trailer park at the same time and that pretty much sums it up)
The hubby made us his famous strawberry crepes for breakfast (what a guy!) but what is with getting up at 6:45am on a Sunday after a night like last night?? I'M EXHAUSTED!  The hubby and I slept in the bottom bunk of the girl's bed WITH one of them and my parents got our room - I fell asleep worrying that they were upset that we don't have a TV in the room, that the bed was not comfortable enough, and how on earth will my room ever look the same?? ( My Mom has been on the road since before Labor Day therefore she has about 10 suitcases and bags and it looks like a clothing boutique is soon opening in there.

Today is at my brother's for Football and Spaghetti, lots of family gossiping, a little wine and beer for some, sneaking out to the barn for others and finally my water tank can catch back up seven showers and several loads of laundry later.  ZOILA where are you when I need you??? 

The best part so far: Realizing that there IS a new-found benefit of having your parents living 24 hours away:  When they visit - it is so much sweeter and fun!

PS- I have only had to take the kids to the side a FEW times to threaten them in my "quietly screaming voice"......
Having a great visit with the parents - and YOU?

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