Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Happy!! REALLY!

On YAHOO there was an article: 9 signs you are Happy. Backed by science of course.  If I go by this article I am not supposed to be a very happy person. Yet, somehow I manage…. Hmmmmm.

They say I should have been a smiley student and my yearbook picture should show me smiling. I have never been an overly smiley person. I’m not sure why – I tend to smile with my mouth closed and more in my eyes or cheeks. My yearbook picture doesn’t show me smiling – I wanted to be all serious and fondly looking off into space over my right shoulder, with my hand ever so slightly resting on my chin. YEP, got talked into one of THOSE poses. Me and my stylish SWEATER. But I’m HAPPY, don’t think my lack of walking around without a smile pasted on and my yearbook picture has had much affect.  Wonder if this guy is still HAPPY?

I am supposed to have a sister. I don’t. However, I have friends I would like to call sisters. I grew up with two older brothers. They did their best and thankfully married some pretty awesome ladies so it all worked out. I will say that one of my co-workers has like six sisters and gets together with them on a monthly basis for a SISTERS Day and she IS one of the happiest people I know! But still, I am happy despite my lack of female sibling.

I am not supposed to be glued to the TV. YIKES! If I listed all of the shows I currently DVR, it would appear that I am pretty glued to my TV, therefore not a happy person. However, those shows make me happy! But between work, kids, hubby, blogging, cleaning –I guess I am not SUPER glued or anything.

I should keep souvenirs on display.. NOPE. No souvenirs for me. I do decorate with things I love, but I do not have a collection of cocktail napkins and key chains in a shadow box. Remember those?? I did have a shadow box when I was in grade school and I put little glass animals in it. I had some pretty cool turtles, horses and cats. They were pretty popular back in the day – but try dusting those little squares – forget about it! Didn’t pass this one either.

I'm guessing the owner of this is OVERJOYED!

To be happy means I make exercise a priority. Well, if it comes right before the last priority on my list, then I guess I might qualify. What does it mean when I don’t accomplish it though? Or if the last thing on my list is not being attacked by a lion (if you read my blog you know what this means). I would love to make exercise a priority but not sure how I would accomplish the five thousand other things I need to do plus watch TV ;)

I should have a healthy love life – OK, I’ll give you this one.

I should hang out with happy people. REALLY? DUH! First of all, I don’t “hang-out” much these days, but when I am with people I like, they are generally happy – I don’t surround myself with the unhappy ones.

I stay warm with Hot Cocoa???? I just don’t get this one AT ALL. I’ll drink hot cocoa on occasion, but I wouldn’t say it makes me a happy person. It actually said gripping warm things also do the trick. I’ll return you back to the love life section I guess.

I am supposed to have two best friends. I am guessing they mean at least two? Honestly, I hate the term BEST FRIEND- always did. Probably because growing up, I was always the 2nd best friend – it sucked. All my friends are the best. The people who refer to themselves as so and so's BEST friend or, say this is my very best friend, SO and SO, when making introductions just kind of bug me.

That was ODD!

I would say what makes a happy person is someone who has interests outside of work, family and real life. Like reading, painting, travelling, photography whatever it is that takes you out of the stress.

How about people who EAT food because they like the taste and DO indulge from time time. Not saying you have to be fat or unhealthy, but people who avoid eating foods that might not be good for them all the time or only eat certain things to maintain a size zero, might not be so happy.

How about people who listen to music? Have you ever met someone who has no music in their life? Not so happy.

Pets? I am pretty sure people who have pets and love them tend to be happy. I have two cats – not a cat fan, but the kids wanted them so I guess in a way they make me a little happier.

Geez, there all kinds of things that can make people happy – a successful career, winning the lottery, waking up and seeing that your pimple has gone away, getting new followers on your blog… but having a smile in your yearbook photo and displaying your souvenirs?? Where do they come up with this stuff? And why stop at 9?? And what scientists sat around and came up with those NINE??  Not so happy anymore! The Stupidity!

I’m happy and how are you?

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Cheeseboy said...

This was a great post. Funny and so interesting at the same time. I;m interesting.

I've met a couple musicless people. They are dull or in prison or both.