Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frank Sinatra and Flamingo's

Last night was one of those nights you just want to stick in the bowl of memories.  You know how Harry Potter does that in the movie with the Pensieve?  Sticks his face in the bowl and can watch the memory of something happening? 
After a long week of work (in a four day week - love when that happens) it was nice tojust let the night happen and it's so nice when everything just clicks.  No arguing, No catastrophe's No hurt feelings.....

First - My husband was like a kid in a candy store (I'm sorry that is an odd expresson  - b/c have you been to many candy stores recently? and if you have the kids are usually crying and begging and pleading and the parents are just being sticks in the mud saying NO)  in THIS candy store he was excited and smiling and no one was telling him NO-  When we dropped our son off at his friend's house, the Dad had just been given about 100 brand new shirts (most with tags) by a wealthy relative whose"stylist" cleaned out his closet , so he dropped them off to be given away.  Lucky timing on our part, he walked away with 50 new shirts that were probably a good $50-$150 a piece!  Nothing like putting a man in a good mood right off the bat - Shopping out of a garage, next to a vintage truck, from a make shift rack and scoring 50 new shirts that should keep him from having to shop for about five more years.(and me too as I HATE clothes shopping!)

We went into our favorite town for dinner and got a table immediatley at the best Italian restaurant in town. (Thank you to Friday night football sucking up the normal diners)  Even though we had a table next to us of 3 screaming little girls (not cute screaming, we are talking two year old temper tantrum devil-child screaming) for some reason, we both just looked at each other and then at our two daughters  who were with us and laughed because we have been there, done that (although one of us always left the restaurant and sat in the car with the screaming kid)  we were just so glad to know that those times were officially over for us and THANK GOD!  The spoon being slammed onto the wood table top right behind me got slightly annoying, but again, I wasn't letting it bother me or spoil my night.
This Italian restuarant is very authentic, dark, candle lit, amazing food in large portions,  with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

After dinner we walked through town and looked into the shop windows with cups of Hot Chocolate and cider. 
My middle child, for some reason when she was about 2 or 3 became fascinated with Flamingo's.  And you know how as soon as someone likes something a little out of the ordinary, you start to notice it more or see it in the oddest places?  Well this happens to us a lot.  Now 7 or 8 years later, we see Flamingo's in the strangest places (NO, not REAL ones ) you know like on someone's pants at a party, or in the background of a movie, or on the set of Big Brother, and on all kinds of strange places.  This is something she will never live down but it's just funny and ironc when we spot one.  We spotted the first one on the label of one of the shirts my husband didn't take (for that very reason- he is the guy who has a concealed carry permit and uses it because it's his right vs. wearing a shirt with a Flamingo on it) and we spotted the second Flamingo in the window of  a high-end home furnishing store. The way they had it displayed, you would never have known it was there unless you were looking for it, knew it was there or you have become an expert Flamingo spotter over the years.  Our daughter took a full twenty minutes to even see it.  It was just one of those funny things that happens that makes you think.
On the drive home we listened to the Seriously Sinatra channel (how could life ever be wrong when listening to Frank?) and looked into the windows of the houses in town all lit up.

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