Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nipply Office and Attack of the Bra

Random Thursday for me:

I got to see some more vacation letter de-cals on the way to work which made me so happy!

My daughter who is new to the contraptions of women got STUCK in her contraption and the way I found out was by my husband calling to say that we need to get less complicated contraptions for the little one because she got stuck and now has a sore neck and is sick with embarrassment.

A male co-worker made the statement to me today that it was so cold on his side of the office that his nipples were hard and it's beginning to hurt.

Hours and one Dr. appointment later (for the neck which got worse) we find out, it's not a sore neck from the faulty and complicated female contraption, it is swollen lymph nodes from a virus! WHOOPS

It was dark and dreary all day, with no light. The drive home was more of a sail home and dodging of lightening. I LOVE it! This is MY kind of weather. I am a severe weather lover. SNOW by the feet, not inches will make me happy for days. Rain, lightening and thunder during the day excites me.  REALLY!

After work I got to spend an hour and a half on my 8th grade history homework which consisted of a complicated cross word puzzle revolving around the Early Explorers. Thank You, Google  I'm expecting an A!

After an hour of coaxing a child to swallow the medicine already, I am so looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, that I can barely stand it and a wondering if I need to be going out of town for some reason?

and that's my Thursday, How are You?

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alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

ok i've laughed before at men complaining about the "pain" they have when their nipples get hard... babies ;)