Monday, September 27, 2010

The Price of Company

Having my parents visit us is priceless, however realizing what we need because my parents (or any company for that matter) is in our home , well, the Things to BUY list is getting a bit lengthy and Pricey:

New Shower Head for Kids Bathroom – Geez, why didn’t the kids ever mention that taking a shower is like standing under a watering can? (NOW I know why soap bubbles come out of them when I give them hugs!)

Rubber Mat for Bottom of Kids Shower – How in the %##@ do they not fall when THEY take a shower in there? (if the next problem didn’t wake my parents up this morning, the sound of my wet body slamming into the shower walls and floor certainly did!)

Plumbing Issues in Kids Bathroom – I have been aware of the noise of singing pipes when the kids shower, however I am usually busy in another room or there is enough background noise to drown it out, but try taking a shower while also trying not to wake the entire house with an opera of the pipes going on.

Relocate the toilet paper holder in Kids Bathroom – Again, there are some nights I lay in bed when all of a sudden what sounds like a Hamster on a wheel coming from the wall will interrupt the peace and quiet and I know exactly what one of the kids is doing, what #, and how many flushes it’s going to take. However, when I am the one on the other side of the paper thin wall trying to slowly unroll the toilet paper from the holder so no one will know what I might be doing, it’s time to relocate where we pull the toilet paper from!

Purchase REAL Plates and Glasses – The last time we set out and used REAL dinner plates was well, I honestly can’t remember? I know I got some from our wedding but life happened, three kids came along and those plates that look like real ceramic but are really plastic came into my life with their seasonal patterns and fun prints and too many years later I suddenly realize that it’s time we stopped eating off of plastic, and drinking from over sized Sippy cups as though we can’t be trusted with the real stuff. I mean I have recently graduated from the kids table at family gatherings so I should be able to handle a little glass and pottery in my life!

Buy a Couch/Add more seating – We have had the same small couch and one reclining chair for too long. Not to mention, it’s not so much fun sitting on the floor anymore pretending that it’s how you sit even when there is no company over. As you know, we’ve been “looking” but it’s time to start “buying”.

New Rotors for the Car – Don’t ask me what those are exactly, but when you’re Dad wonders what the noise is coming from near the back tires, well further investigation proves there are issues. (My hubby is in the garage as we speak)

New Shoes – Heck a whole New Wardrobe! – My Mom is the World’s Best Shopper with the BEST Shoes and clothes EVER – every time she comes to visit I want to slowly sneak things from her suitcase into my closet. She brings more clothes with her than I own, and sometimes will catch me drooling over her shoes and take pity on my by leaving me the one pair she can part with, but I would like to be able make her drool!

New Oven – Is it enough to just say that ours has been having issues for a month or two, or three and when we HAVE to use it, we put it on clean mode and pull the food out right before it burns?

New Dryer – We usually turn the dryer on and then run from the area for the sounds that our dryer makes. There are even some occasions when I have been on the phone, and people ask me what kind of construction I have going on at home? My Mom was worried that we had accidentally let the cat in it the first time and the second time asked if we checked the kid’s pockets for large rocks.

Bigger TV – We have a nice TV, but it ain’t no wide screen or flat screen or one mounted on the wall. This is why we scheduled to be at my brother’s house 1pm on Sunday.

TV for the bedroom – It would be nice for our company to not have to stare up at the ceiling counting sheep in order to fall asleep. With the hubby and I, well we usually fall into the bed in a comatose state from pure exhaustion so there is no need for a TV (I could have lied here and said that our pre-bed time rituals are so amazing and frequent that we never would need a TV, but I won’t!)

Making a Things to Buy List – How are You?

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Ava Loy, Churly Girl said...

Lets see what I need to buy...

*rework the drywall

*replace cracked floor tile

*throw pillows that don't smell funny

*china cabinet that doesn't make me want to throw up when I look at it


it's a good thing no one is planning on a visit :)