Thursday, September 2, 2010


This little video highlights a moment of what I would say is inappropriate behavior at a funeral.  Although we are not at the funeral yet, today was more of a greeting day/wait for everyone to arrive/drink lots of wine and compete for talking over eachother.  At one point, Grandma's dog who looked so sad, needed taking out and unfortunatley she couldn't quite finish the task. After wipies in the driveway didn't work, and inspection in the kitchen amongst relatives eating but who didn't see to really notice the situation going on before them, the dog was taken into the bathroom for a bath.  This video stars my Mom and Sister-in-law with Sassy the dog.  My other sister in law and I, are the gigglers behind the scenes. We were observing the hilarity of the situation in the middle of what could be a sad event.  Perfect time to give the dog a bath. 
I'm now intrigued by what tomorrow, when emotions are high, might bring.... Stay tuned.
Inappropriatley behaving at a funeral, how are you?

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