Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain and Headless Horseman

I took the day off work to spend with my Mom. We woke up to rain and no sun all day. Mom is also coming down with something horrible - achy, sore throat, fever, chills, so we decided staying in PJ's sounded good.  My Mom brought a game that my Aunt had given her for the computer. One of those games where you search for the picture in a picture. I haven't played a true computer game in so long, so it was at first a novelty, but it soon turned addicting.... It's very appropriate for this time of year - it's a Headless Horseman/Halloween/Spooky theme - perfect for  dreary day like today!
I wish you could have heard us - it was a timed game so there were moments when our heads were smashed together and practically in the computer screen, frantically searching for objects. 

My eyes are popping out of my head now. I now know that if I was a stay at home Mom I would truly be dangerous. Seriously DANGEROUS!  The kids came home from school and said " YOU ARE STILL PLAYING THAT GAME?  YOU ARE STILL IN YOUR PAJAMAS"?  Yep!
That is one more benefit of working - when you take a day off and you are completely lazy, you don't feel as guilty. (I am still feeling a little guilty though...)
What am I going to do when my parents leave?? I vowed I will NOT EVER buy one of those games! NO WAY!

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Kate said...

I athe worst stay at home mom EVER. I mean, it would be a cool deal if my kids would just leave (and we had a housekeeper. Um...and a cook), but nooooo they're there too. Since I'm a teacher I get 2 months off, which is enough time to prove over and over again that I suck. I know my husband comes home from work and wonders WTH I did all day, but my position is that since I'm paid til 3:45 I don't need to start cleaning til 3:45. And by then, why bother? :)