Wednesday, September 1, 2010


If you could see the amount of clothes I am bringing on a four day trip you would be laughing.  I can't help it!! I have no idea what the plans are, where or what we will be doing, so I have to be prepared...  My husband is going to kill me when he is loading the car at 6am tomorrow.  AND I keep thinking of more things I should add but I'm trying not to do it.
We also have very few pieces of actual luggage and it's put away somewhere, so this is yet another trip where we are using my favorite laundry baskets! Reneck laundry luggage strikes again! (see previous post)
At least we will be PREPARED  in case of an emergency relocation! How are You?


Cheeseboy said...

I'm with you. And I'm a guy! I always pack way more than my wife.

ShelliBean said...

Ha Ha! I love it! I think my husband contemplates killing me every time we go out of town too! It'd be so much easier, just him and his ruck sac. lol. ;)