Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Saturday

Bicycle Helmets. I have never understood the concept of helmets for bicycle riders. They look goofy and unnecessary unless riding down a steep cliff or you have had a previous head injury. More men on bicycles wear helmets than they do on motorcycles. I guess there is a big difference between those two kind of men though too. We drove past a guy on a level and paved bike path and I had to chuckle as a guy on a Harley in a T-shirt, steering with one hand and no helmet in sight, drove by on the other side.

Men with sweaters tied around their necks – or any person who does this for that matter. I don’t get it? Are their shoulders cold? This is what I thought when a man sporting a lovely cream sweater around the shoulders cut us off in the parking lot and starting mouthing profanity through his tightly closed window. My husband gave him two fingers up which shocked the little cream sweater right off his shoulders.

We were bored, so we went to the furniture store. Occasionally we find it fun to torture ourselves doing something that makes us feel like spending money when we are can’t or shouldn’t. We do need a new couch so with that in mind we entered the mammoth three story structure full of fake deals and pricey tags. When we entered the store we realized we were one of maybe five other people in the store (OSU game had just started and I thank my lucky stars my hubby isn’t a football watcher) So all the salesmen and one or two sales woman were sitting on the furniture right at the front of the store watching the doors like rabid dogs. But we could see there was a protocol and the guy whose turn it was greeted us warmly. I really did like him – he wasn’t pushy and at one point he made me actually curl up on the couch to make sure it was the "one" - Made me take my shoes off and everything.  Then of course my husband thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate how my daughter lays on top of me so we looked like complete freaks.   Bob, the salesmen didn’t even mind that our girls were bouncing their bodies off every piece of furniture as though they were ping pong balls. We found two couches we liked and we are doing something we NEVER usually do – thinking about it overnight. On the one hand we really need a couch, but on the other hand I would love to have the money for so many other things and unfortunately I hate to even think this, Christmas is not that far away. Problem Solved! In the time it took me to type this, my husband decided we should just wait and spend the money some other way (he is selling his first house of the year this coming weekend- what a horrible market!) As we left the store and left a hopeful Bob the salesman in the doorway, we felt sad. We agreed that every single one of those people who work on straight commission, were previous desk jockeys somewhere not too long ago. You could tell by their clothes and the desperation in their eyes.  I think it might be better than working on a car lot though....
How was your weekend?


Cheeseboy said...

Oh, I bet I know the EXACT store you are referring to.

And I bet some of those salesmen wear sweaters around their necks during the weekends.

Kelley said...

I never thought about the bicyclist vs. motorcyclist in the helmet area. You are so right!

I am glad you came to a decision on the couch. We ALWAYS wait & wait & wait & wait... I wish we were more spontaneous.

Lastly, I loved your definiton for "onvue" on my Captcha Balderdash post! Ha! Not sure if I let you know that yet or not. :)