Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sore and Getting Ready

My feet are so sore!! I even wore my good tennis shoes.  But walking and standing from 12 to 12 with no real breaks, well, I guess it's harder than it used to be.  While waiting for just a little over 40 minutes in one line, we agreed that they should invent either chairs that come out of your jacket- like a pouch in the back just for when you need a quick seat, OR the line should just be moving chairs.  How lazy is that of us?? 
I couldnt believe the amount of people with broken legs or feet in the park - and my feet and legs were sore? How were they doing it?  One lady had a scooter with a seat that she rested her broken leg on, and then used the other foot to push the scooter! That kind of made me feel bad for complaining. 

Needless to say, today I have to clean my whole house, I have no desire to do it but it needs done.  My parents are coming into town and will be staying with us but they do not know if it is this week or next week when they will be here (long story- I won't bore you with the logistics) So, as you know I am a total clean/organizational/everything must be in it's place freak thanks mostly to my Dad, and now I have to get my aching and sore body moving. (I could also be sore from all the roller coasters thrasing me around)

What I wouldn't give for an extra day this weekend.

I'm sore, happy and have a long to-do list- how are you?

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