Friday, November 5, 2010

Girl found buried in snow, dressed in all white clothes inside out and backwards

Bring it on!
This is the time of year I get excited - nope not because of the holidays.


It's what I look forward to from the minute it hits below 60 during the day until May 1st.

Some years I am rewarded and some years are a bust.  I thought I better look into some good snow rituals so I can:
A. Really aggravate everyone around me that dislikes snow.
B. Make more of a fool of myself than I already am - May as well GO BIG
C. See if it works?
D. Once everyone in my town moves away because they hate the snow, I'll have the place ALL TO MYSELF.
If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times - if you can't change it don't hate it.

Ritual #1: Put a Spoon Under my Mattress and Pillow
I guess the Pilgrims did this one - I don't get it, but I'll try it - I just hope it doesn't make my hubby think I am trying to get creative in the bedrooms.

Ritual #2: Wear PJ's Inside Out and Backwards
Again, a little worried the hubby might think we are playing some kind of game, but OHHH KAY - the kids should handle this one just fine since I am pretty sure they dress like this daily. (Maybe that is why last winter was such a snowy one!)

Ritual #3: Throw an ice cube behind you and down the toilet.
Great, now we have to get all athletic?

Ritual #4: Sleep with your head where your feet go.
I think I am steering clear of bedroom rituals.

Ritual #5: Throw a paper cup out the window
So that explains some of the yards I drive by.... I might have to take back my sneers and EMBRACE the snow lovers they are!

It's not working

Ritual #6:  Put a dollar and a picture of Mary under your pillow - if it snows put the dollar in a poor box.
I'm sure they will love my dollar.  I wonder if my Aunt Mary's picture would count?

Ritual  #7: Dance and Chant
Apparently I'm not the right kind of dancer - but I haven't used my moves since I went to my brother's wedding and I don't remember much about that. My friend on facebook suggests throwing in some squats and thrusts - please don't let any one walk by the windows.

Ritual #8: Hang Disco balls from your Window
At least we are keeping a theme - somehow Disco balls don't go with my snowman theme.

Ritual #9: Wear all white and eat all white food for a day
At least if I spill my food it won't show.

Ritual #10: Yell "Snow Day" into the freezer
This one I can do just fine, it's where I like to do all my best yelling anyway.

Having fun with my rituals, how are you?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wonder how i can counteract your rituals??? i don't mind snow except i never get "snow days" and i always have to drive to work. i don't like driving in snow/ice and my employer doesn't shut down in bad weather. we're just expected to get there...

so... i hope it snows lots where you are and none where i am. you can have ALL of ours every year. ok??

Kate said...

#7...squats and thrusts...sounds like more bedroom stuff. Just sayin'. Lol

Sam said...

LOL! You really are putting an enormous amount of effort into this whole snow thing...
luckily i don't live near you so your snow won't affect me!

Kelley said...

You are crazy! Ha! I don't know anything about snow down here in Texas...

BTW, your literal small talk on my post last week cracked me up!

Barb said...

I LOVE snow days! And yes I am a teacher, which is a huge perk! Nothing quite like waking up at 5 am to a blizzard and crawling back into bed!!! i might just have to relay some of your list to my students. Power in numbers!!!

MichelleLCSW said... can HAVE the snow! Ihateitwithadeepdarkpurplepassion! But, having said that - the snow probably loves you because you are one of its fans! If you can make it snow where YOU live - and in doing so, keep the snow away form where I live - I will help you with your snow rituals (to make sure it snows at YOUR house!)

BeckEye said...

I'll let you have all our snow (unless it's Christmas snow) when it comes. We got our first flurries today.

Marla said...

Oh me too!!! I LOVE snow. Everything about it. My best Christmas ever was last year. None of us had much money to spend but we all got snowed in together for days. It was the PERFECT Christmas. Hot Chocolate, fireplace blazing, baking cookies and snowball fights. Perfect!

I am really looking forward to the post you simply must do on how all the bedroom rituals worked out for ya. :-)