Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Today just might be the Best Day of the Year –

Today is Saturday! – I keep repeating this to myself. I love this long weekend without having to take a vacation day stuff.

It is currently snowing! I am pretty sure if you know me, you know that the fact that is it snowing when I wake up in the morning of a Saturday after already having two days off with two more to go that it is a FANTASTIC day in my book!

I can now admit that my house is fully decorated for Christmas and I can finally enjoy the trees lit up.

The kids made their first batch of Christmas Cookies last night and it wasn’t at my house so I didn’t have to yell about the mess AND they had fun.

I can now break out my favorite Christmas movies, use the Peppermint Mocha in my coffee, hum Christmas carols without getting strange looks, use my flannel sheets with snowmen on them, and get excited about toys on Christmas morning.

My house is now officially cold enough that it is OK that I wear flannel pajama pants, socks and a sweatshirt to bed without my husband thinking I’m saying NO.

I can threaten the kids that Santa is listening and they are starting to worry a little.

It’s ok that I walk/drive slower in front of houses all lit up – It looks like I’m admiring their decorations not looking at the color of their walls and the size of their TV.

Thanks to all of that, the fact that it is frigidly cold out, I can still clean the house tomorrow, we got DIRECT TV the other day so there is PLENTY to watch, I can lay on the couch in my pajamas all day if I want to, today is the best day of the year.

(Tomorrow, we’ll just see if I was really able to do just that considering the fact that I have already started laundry and it’s extremely difficult for me to just relax without thinking of things I really should do, plus, I noticed that on this new TV system my old favorite Gilad has his body sculpting show on that I should really check out…….)

How is this day going for YOU?


BeckEye said...

Any day when you can lounge around in your PJs watching crap TV is a good day.

Kate said...

Oh, I love this. If you need a slacking tutor, I'm your girl. And if you aren't a good student, well, I'll do the relaxing while you putter around. Heck, I'll even fold some laundry as I lounge around.

Enjoy your snow! We got a few flurries Thursday. It's still magical to me. :) Our lights are up outside so that we can keep our Griswold title, and our tree(s) are decorated in the house. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we're listening to Christmas music and Christmas shopping, and if I focus on the former and try to forget about the latter I start to feel some real peace and joy. Hope you do, too!

Kelley said...

You're right! Once the house has been decorated for Christmas and it is "official", you have permission to do a ton of things. Yay!!! I want some peppermint for my coffee now...

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

is that your house? beautiful! i love decorations. no room to put anything up this year so we're not. oh well... the neighbors have lights so i can look out and admire.

love lounging in my PJs during my days off. i have housework to do and cards to finish up but i'm catching up on my bloggy friends. i'm listening to the christmas shows on the hallmark channel as i work.

Doria said...

Snow? ALready!? Eeeeep! I dont want snow this year, you can have it all :)

Marla said...

You just described my perfect day.