Friday, November 19, 2010

Let's Play a Little Plan to Do vs. Did

I plan to stay awake Friday night long enough to catch up on shows in my DVR and avoid any messes that I see in my peripheral vision. Which means I will have to ask one of the kids to tie me down to the couch.

I PLANNED to sleep in on Saturday, but unfortunately I checked the calendar and I will now PLAN to get up EARLY to take the littlest one to a Brownie event. My plan is to force the hubby to come with me so that we can pretend to be in DEEP conversation while the little Brownies do their activity and this way I won't get asked to participate in or volunteer for any other fun first-thing-on-a-Saturday morning activities. 

I plan to have my hubby color my hair. He has already told me that he upped his fee to which I told him that I want additional services such as a nice neck and head massage. I also told him I would like him to give me a small bottle of water while I sit, gossip with me and compliment me. He said he does compliment me and I told him that his compliments are closer to sexual harassment.

I plan to finish planning my Christmas Eve menu  call the caterer and make sure she is planning on my order.

I plan to exercise. (Not going to go into too much detail here because, vacuuming COULD be considered exercise.....

I plan to avoid the crowds, all tall people, kids who are noisy in the theatre, people who buy snacks and proceed to crinkle their wrappers and actually EAT their popcorn and see Harry Potter.  I am planning on it being a completely enjoyable experience.

I plan to spend 3-4 hours cleaning my house WITH the kids helping me, and that I will not have to raise my voice one time or utter this sentence even one time: "WHY, WHY did you DO that, What were you THINKING???"

I plan to not have to threaten to get rid of the cats. Because in my plan, they will not climb the Christmas Tree, (YES, it's up already- read past post, I explain WHY I am such a freak this time of year) sit on the brand new couch or claw at the basement door to be let out on Sunday when I am sleeping in. 

I plan to not use any foul language, swear, slam the doors or cupboards, stomp my feet, sigh really loudly, roll my eyes, throw a temper tantrum and only use my nice words.

I plan to have a good weekend, so on Monday we'll review and see if what I PLANNED turned into what I DID.  What do you plan to do this weekend?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i plan to make an order of Christmas cards to deliver on Monday, help my granddaughter with a scrapbook for modeling, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, go to a baby shower, have fun with my grandson (Isaiah is coming to visit), and what ever else I can squeeze in.

Ron will do his usual... sleep, eat, watch TV, and sleep some more. As nice as that sounds, I'm sure he'd rather be up and around doing things around the house.

My son has promised to run the sweeper for me and I bet I can get my granddaughter to mop on Sunday.

Kate said...

I was going to be all hurt about the avoiding tall people comment until I realized you only meant at the theater (right? right??).

My plans? First off, I'm just going to plan on doing all that stuff you mention in your second-last paragraph. That way, I'll be sure to accomplish SOMETHING this weekend. I also plan to avoid any cooking by eating leftovers from today's classroom Thanksgiving dinner for every meal, go for a long hike with my husband and youngest (after avoiding being part of J's cub scout function by sleeping in), and spending my entire Sunday inside watching n's team in a volleyball tournament.

Doria said...

Lady I think I plan to do the same thing this weekend, except we get to spend time with my future in-laws and an 8yr olds birthday party on Sunday. at chuck e cheese. Yay.

Kimmie said...

I honestly send you major {{{good luck with all that stuff}}}vibes.

I plan to do as little as possible. I plan to avoid Harry and the Potters regardless of what Noodle plans.

I didn't plan to do a ton of laundry but have no choice. :0P

Marla said...

I have no idea what I had planned but I can tell you all plans were changed on an hour by hour basis. Such is life when you are a Hansen.