Monday, November 1, 2010

Colassal Time Wasting

Do you ever think about the things you waste time doing (Let me preface this by clarifying the YOU in this post is YOU and in no way includes ME) – if you do, you are wasting even more time thinking about them. I’m not talking about things you need to do, or have to do to get from point A to B. I am talking about:
Can you IMAGINE??

Shoe Organizing:
Stop organizing the shoes in the garage by the back door. Every day, two times, sometimes more (anytime YOU walk in and out of that door) you put them all back in order from the LAZY people darling children and amazing hubby, who kick them off right by the door. Can’t they see the shoe rack? Do they not wait in the car for YOU when about to go somewhere and watch while YOU are bent over organizing shoes? Do they not think when they kick off their shoes and leave them wherever they land , it might BOTHER YOU? It is a complete waste of time because those damn shoes just keep scattering themselves around the minute you turn your back.

Packing for a month for a weekend getaway:

Spending hours picking out outfits, setting aside things you MIGHT need in case of – well you know, accidents, becoming stranded for days on end, national disasters, you know. Sure it would be REALLY nice to just toss some clothes in a bag and say – “Here you go”, but then when one of those things does happen who are they going to thank and think is the most amazing person ever?? (I know, NOT gonna ever happen.) Not to mention having to put all those CLEAN, never worn clothes that now smell like a hotel or a wet sock, away.

Recovering from a Hangover:

Need I say more? You know it’s going to happen but you say, No, I’ll be fine…. Next day, you spend on the couch, eating greasy food (ruining the hard work you did in the gym) to soak up the alcohol, watching movies and TV shows you’ve seen ten times before. Colossal day waster.

Reading and then Talking about:

Celebrities. You know those sites: OMG, E!Online,, and the magazines – Star, People, US (is it us as in you and me or US as in Unbelievable Shit) But yet, you spend time looking at them and then even better you spend time talking arguing about the people on these sites as IF YOU KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. (and no, I do not have an opinion on the state of Sandra and Jessie’s relationship.)

Watching Commercials:

I personally haven’t seen a commercial in slower than fast forward in a long time. The ultimate DVR would be the one that only records commercials telling me about a season or series premiere. (Not that I watch a lot of time wasting TV or anything)

Watching TV as though running a marathon:

One time we went to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving weekend. We got snowed in. That is my excuse for spending an entire day watching marathon episodes of Ghost Hunters. Then for the next two days we swore we heard and saw ghosts wherever we went. Ok, getting snowed-in might be the ONE TIME it is OK to watch more than 5 hours of TV in one sitting. (Don’t ask me about the time my hubby AND I watched every episode of 16 and pregnant for absolutely NO reason at all.)

Entering Sweepstakes:

Come on, you know who you are and tell me, REALLY how many things have you won with no strings attached? Huh? (Well, once I did get a chef jacket and a coupon – the kids use the jacket as a dress up karate outfit) Admittedly after reading the book and watching the movie The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, I did spend some valuable time entering contests and sweepstakes, but then I started Blogging and you know what happens with that!


I like Facebook. But when you spend time looking at your friend’s friends pictures, well then you might be wasting time.

Playing Computer Games:

Again, I like games as much as anyone. But those sneaky FREE games found on Facebook especially, are really good at reeling you right in and sucking the hours from your day. (from what I hear)

Raking Leaves in the month of September and most of October:

Come on – you do know what’s going to happen, right? Are you doing this to avoid some other pressing work, or just trying to keep the kids out of your hair? You know you don’t HAVE to do them until snow is going to fall or the ground freezes, right? (And yes, it does look pretty the two hours your grass is really greener than the other side)

Clearly, I never waste time, How do you waste yours?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i just have to say one thing... too freaking funny!

Doria said...

Ooops, I waste plenty of time, doing almost all of those things, lol, No marathon episodes for me and no sweepstakes. I maybe the most unlucky person when it comes to winning anything!
I do waste plenty of time on facebook and the app games tho, oops! Oh well it is my weakness! ;) Great post!

Kate said...

I'd have commented sooner, but I was busy doing all of the above. probably know me well enough by now to realize that I wasn't organizing the shoes.

But I have been known to overpack. You know, it's hard to know which clothes will make just the right outfit until you're actually there.

And the gravity on facebook is much stronger than a black hole. Speaking of which...I haven't updated my status since this morning...

Marla said...

I got a good snort from this. Thank you!

Let's time wasters...I'll get back to ya on that one.