Monday, November 15, 2010

If he Makes you Laugh, he’s a Keeper!

After I did some serious damage to my body by overhauling the house on Friday, I tormented myself further with a trip to the store where I proceeded to buy among other things, a book for my daughter called the Care and Keeping of Me –or something like that, because you know, I thought maybe she didn’t want to ask me some of the personal stuff so as any good Mother would do, I bought her a book! This resulted in a funny discussion with her and the younger sister on a bench outside of the same store on Sunday, while waiting for the hubby to come back for us after he THOUGHT he left his wallet at the bookstore we were at previously, oh about 45 minutes AWAY. Let’s just say the younger sister who is much more eager in this area, ended the hilarious conversation with this question: “So do you still get THE PERIOD, Mom?”
By the way: Hubby came back for us once he discovered that his wallet was not at the previous store but in the car. He found it after he spilled his coffee all over himself when he got back in the car after going into the store 45 minutes away. This was AFTER he got into a verbal argument with the girl who answered the phone when he called the store while driving there. He didn’t like the fact that they had a “who cares, didn’t you see the news, we just filed Chapter 11” attitude.

My son is 14 today. 14 years ago the same hubby was driving on the median passing traffic to get me to the hospital. Not because he was worried about me or the baby or anything, but because he didn’t really like the fact that my water had broken at work before he picked me up and was now worried about the seats in his precious new Jeep. He had towels on the seats when he showed up!
By the way: Driving in a JEEP after your water has broken on the median, no less about to have your first baby EVER is not really a fun experience. Just sayin’.

Last night I went to bed and laughed hysterically. The bed was actually shaking. Every week night (Sunday-Thursday) plays out the same way in our house. The kids go to bed. I do a few things until eventually I make my way over to THE COUCH (because THE COUCH is a PLACE in our house – (“Where is Mom?” –“She’s on THE COUCH.” “Oh, never mind”) within oh, about 2 commercial breaks, my hubby knows I have fallen asleep because, well there ARE commercials on. He gently, so gently pries the remote control out of my fist. (He is really proud of the fact that he can now do this without waking me.) About an hour passes, he is happily on his computer, while also watching a TV show HE likes, and something wakes me up. Once I am up, I am not very happy or nice really. I get up, give him a LOOK that he has come to know as: “why am I on the couch, it is 12am, I have to get up in 5 hours, why aren’t YOU ready for bed yet” look, while storming to our room. Now the hubby has to turn off all the lights, and put THE CATS TO BED. Here is how this goes: Find cat #1- usually sound asleep in a child’s bed, so asleep that you cannot wake him. Said cat must be carried to the basement and PLACED in his bed. Call cat #2- usually follows because cat 2 has severe separation anxiety. Last night cat 2 decided hubby needed a little play time so he decided to ignore the bed time ritual and as I lay in my cozy flannel snowman sheeted bed and pretended to be well asleep of course! I could see cat 2 darting past the door with a look of sheer glee on his face.

I could hear hubby cursing under his breath all the holy people and the cat. I then discovered his last resort trick of opening the drawer in the fridge where we keep lunch meat. He rustled the bags, no cat. I think he even ate a piece of lunch meat which made me wonder how many pieces of lunch meat he has to eat every night? No cat. Now he is calling the cat and the holy people who are to be damned, when he gets the cat in the basement and enters the room to hear me laughing uncontrollably and what does he do? He just shakes his head and wonders what he did wrong in life?
By the way: If a man can make you laugh, with him or at him and lets you get away with it, he’s a keeper!


Kelley said...

I totally agree!! My husband and I laugh at each other all the time. I laughed out loud at this post- the couch part, the towels in the Jeep part (that sounds familiar!), the motherly book (I still remember the one my mom bought me), etc. You are hilarious!

Kimmie said...

Oh yes....that soooooo made me laugh.

Kind of like when I let the dogs out before I go to bed while DH is still watching TV and he says "I'll let them in..." and I run like hell and just wait for the yelling.

Barb said...

My favorite part of this post is that your cats have beds and a bedtime ritual. Oh and that your husband is in charge of cats, their beds and the ritual. LOVE the rustling of the lunchmeat bag to get the cat. Good times!