Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Man Caves - Not just for Men anymore.

My wo-MAN cave would look like this on the outside:
A little cave for me and a little cave for you!

Here is what I would drive to pull my wo-MAN cave to it's secret destination:

Here is how my wo-MAN cave would look during my favorite time of year:

and in the summer:

and on the Inside:

a little spot for me to write.

and a place to serve my friends.

Who needs a man cave? I bet men would like my wo-MAN cave too!


Kate said...

I'm there! I want one, too! Especially parked near the beach. Preferably with a blender for unlimited margaritas.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

count me in, sign me up, when are we leaving??? lol - love it!

airstream RVs are the best.

Doria said...

That is an AWESOME wo-Man cave!

Kimmie said...


Marla said...

Ok, this is seriously getting ridiculous. How do you get inside my head and is that your voice I am always hearing?