Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why it's so much Better in the Dark!

Why is the time change affecting me so badly this year? It's no different than any other year, yet it just seems SO MUCH DARKER THIS TIME!  It could be the hideous cloud coverage we have had for the last 5 days straight, and the fact that when I drive to work it is dark and when I leave work it is dark.  So I thought I better think positively about being in the dark so I do not fall into a deep depression.......

Here are my top (however many sound good) reasons for LOVING the dark:

1.  I can play Hide and Seek with my family, find a really good hiding spot, with a book and a flashlight or my laptop and get some real private time.

2. I don't have to wait until after 9pm to go for a walk where I pretend to exercise, but I am really looking into people's houses, checking out how they decorate, what color paint is on the walls, what they watch on TV....(not that I get that close or anything....)

3.  If I hide the clocks, around 7:30pm I can tell the kids "it's BEDTIME!" Then I get the TV and the house all to myself.

4.  I never have to clean the house / yard during the week - it always looks clean by the time I get home without that sun coming in and no one can see how dirty it really is!

5.  I can come home from work and put my PJ's on immediately without feeling foolish.

6.  The kids are easier to keep an eye on - they aren't outside and they won't go in any room alone.

7.  No lawn mowing after work (who am I kidding?? -I never have to mow the lawn, but the hubby does, so now he is available to do OTHER things!

8.  No uninvited guests come knocking on my door.

9. My car looks a lot cleaner and shinier too.

10.  It could be 6:30pm, but if I say, "No, we can't do that, it's getting late" no one really questions me.

11. It's a great excuse to buy more cute lamps, fun candles, keep the twinkle lights up, turn on the fire (like that? turn ON the fire- no wood chopping over here...)

and last but not least -

I can SEE the snow (which is my favorite) so much better, but I can't really see the rain, which I HATE.

How do you like the dark?


Kate said...

Ahhh, the leg lamp! :) Fra-GEE-lay! A major prize, indeed.

Your reasons sound convincing...hope they work on you. I like to (look into) accidentally catch a glimpse into other peoples' houses, too.

Kate said...

In a completely non-stalkerish way, of course!

Kate said...

I mean, just bc I noticed their new picture frame on the shelf before her husband, that doesn't mean I'm snoop-y, does it? :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i would have to admit that i've been afraid of the dark nearly my whole life. i don't like the dark, but - this is a total oddity - i don't like to have my drapes open during the day to let the sun shine, either (i think i may be kind of reclusive???). my reason is that in the winter, closed drapes keep the heat in and in the summer, they keep the heat out.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it. i do open my drapes some, but i just don't leave them open.

back to the dark... i love to see christmas lights and decorations but i don't like to go out into the dark. i don't drive well at night and i don't like to walk in the dark, even out to the trash can or mailbox.

pansy butt...

Doria said...

Im not fond of the dark coming in so soon the way it is, Im so cold, it's not fair! I like that pretend exercise when you scope out what the neighbors are doing. Love it!

Marla said...

I am fine with the time change and the days getting darker so much earlier. I feel less guilty going to bed at 7:30 when it's already dark out.

Barb said...

Love it! I am a major late night walking stalker. I also am guilty of "No, its too late"....ahhh early darkness has saved me from several senseless trips out of the house! And the sun not streaming in = no dust, clean house! You hit em all!