Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The kids are in Middle School- Can we Throw out the Bottles?

My youngest child of my three children was 8 in July. 

As I left for work this morning I noticed a strange thing hanging from the storage rack in the garage. 
It took me a minute to realize this THING was a Stroller. I kind of remembered my hubby taking that out of my trunk within the last 6 months.
Perplexed my eyes landed on the nearest object in the garage which was a bike that recently had training wheels on it.
As I drove to work, I looked down, and in the plastic box on the floor where I keep my umbrella, spare change, headphones and various phone chargers is a Wipie Box Container - WITH WIPIES.
At work I glanced over at my picture frames and realized that my kids are aged 3,5 and 8 and under in all of the photos.
As I walked into the house tonight,  I smelled STEAK grilling but saw that my hubby was also making corn dogs for the girls.
At this point I am starting to panic, and I opened the kitchen drawers like a maniac. I found a couple of baby spoons in the back of the utensils, another WIPIE container WITH wipes in it, plastic silverware in the shape of animals, the kind of cups that come with the built in straws, a medicine dropper and various plastic wear with: Blue Clue's, Strawberry Shortcake, Peter Rabbit, Incredible Hulk, and Cinderella on them.

I then opened the little closet at the top of the basement steps where I keep lunch boxes and miscellaneous bags, and to my dismay I found THE BAG. The bag that has a FULL portable wipie container, Water Babies sunscreen, two pairs of tiny sunglasses, three tiny hair clips with bows on them and several happy meal type toys.
Not to mention the baby blankets still folded in the linen closet, the  picture only books on the bookshelf, the cloth diapers I use to dust with, the body pillow in my sons top bunk that I told him he would love for comfort but was really comforting me that it stopped him from rolling out of bed, NOT TO MENTION the SPIDER MAN sheets STILL ON HIS BED (Yes, I wash them every week but I was just now "SEEING" them for what they are.)

1.  When did the kids grow up?
2. Why haven't I been paying attention?
3. Can I get in trouble for not updating my 13 year old's sheets?
4. I thought I was such a HIP and COOL, MODERN MOM!
5. Do they really HAVE to grow up?

I suck.  I'm pretty sure I told my daughter to WIPE OFF the other day (meaning use a wipie)


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL! We still use baby wipes around here and there's not any children (unless you count Ron but he probably wouldn't like that). They are great for so many things... they take food out of clothes before the stain sets in, they wipe up my spilled glitter, and they remove stamp ink from my stamps. Wouldn't be without them.

Now, about those sheets...

Kate said...

I hear you! I have one picture of my youngest at work where he isn't an infant (he's um, 7). The custodian has taken to leaving little notes (like "Mom, stop treating me like a baby!!") on them. And I have to look up at my teenagers, who've turned into men. Huh??? And while they don't still sleep on the Lion King and Winnie the Pooh sheets, they are in their closets. Just in case.

BeckEye said...

No matter what your age, wipes are the greatest invention ever.

Doria said...

Id say if the 13yr old isn't complaing about said SPider Man sheets, Id leave em ;) My child is 6, so I randomly find all those things in my house also. I am a packrack and keep everything, I have a whole box fulla stuff from her baby days, Im terrible, I can't trash anything, lol... :) And yesterday I replaced some 1 yr old pics with new ones, yays! :)

Sam said...

LOL! You know I think I still have my Strawberry Shortcake Sheets in a closet somewhere-hey I love them and I always will. My mom even got me a mini Strawberry Shortcake doll at my bridal shower. I don't think you're the only one keeping your children's childhood alive!

Kelley said...

You are making me want to go hug my little boys and never let them go!! Loved this post.

Kate said...

BTW, I enjoy your blog tags almost as much as the blog itself. :)

And umm...sadly, it's less scary to me to go run the trails alone than actually get up the nerve to join a group and have company.

Marla said...

Oh little sister, do I ever understand. We have so many kids that the older ones grew up before the younger ones stopped showing up. I barely noticed anything for 20 years.

I am now using my kids things on my grandkids. Yeah, I just can't let go.

Don't feel bad about the sheets. I saw my oldest son shirtless one day and asked him when he got all the chest hair. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "I'm 32 mom. I'd say about 15 years ago."

Smart ass.