Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Remorseful, Potato Loving Flake with Mad Fundraising Skills.

Somebody told me today that I was very kind and had the ability to see the good in people. It was a nice compliment, but I am afraid this hasn’t always been true. I think about my high school self and I don’t feel like I spent enough time getting to know people outside of my circle of friends and then to make matters worse I did a horrible job of keeping in touch with people that were my friends once we left school. I can name SEVERAL people that I know of now, that have gone on to join the military and then fought for me, my freedom and OUR country. I should be kissing the ground that these people walk on. I hope that every single one them knows that I do appreciate the sacrifices they have made in their lives for me. To think that I could have really gotten to know them better when I had the chance makes me sad that it has taken me this long to appreciate them.

How many potatoes do you think it will take to make mashed potatoes for 33 people? And when is it appropriate to add the E at the end of the word potato?

Every morning I drive my son and his two friends to school, and today as I watched them walk away from the car toward the school I thought that this was an image I will never get sick of looking at. They look like mini-men walking into that school, their backpacks bursting with books and papers, carrying IPods, turning off their cell phones and pocketing them. I catch myself waiting a little too long in the parking lot just watching.

My dryer is currently in the last stage of life. I will be calling hospice in soon I am sure. As I sit here and type, with the hubby on my left listening to some talk news station in his ear bud, while browsing the news sites (BORING) I am clicking and tapping out the dryer tune. I wish I could record it and play it for you – it kind of sounds like an immature drummer practicing or like the sound of my neighbor and her boyfriend in the bedroom that I could hear through the closet when we lived in an apartment. (funny thing about that story is, immediately after THAT noise you could then hear them playing Super Mario – so romantic!)

Remember this post? Well, I felt like a complete FLAKE when HE called to wish ME a happy birthday yesterday.

I really despise product sales-based fundraisers. But I understand the value in them in some cases. I just have always believed holding events or asking for donations is a better way to get money directly into the hands of who needs it rather than having to sell (quite frankly, ) JUNK we do not need. But REALLY in this economy can we not just have a moratorium on fundraisers? And if not than not until AFTER January? Between school starting and the holidays we are all lucky to make ends meet let alone having to buy crud we do not want or need. I say this because I feel I need to justify why we did not attempt to sell magazines (which is like selling the poor suckers a life time of headaches) or candy (OH YEAH! CANDY sales, OH Yeah -JS watchers will understand) for Brownies. I would rather write a check to our troop than asking people to fork over money so my daughter can win a BANDANA! (Note to self: Future Post about the time I volunteered to cover Family Fun Night and hosted Donkey Basketball where the beloved gym teacher got bucked and seriously injured his back while I was distracting the people from PETA who were recording the poor abused Donkeys (who were more pampered than most women ever are) )

Last of the list of deep thoughts is that I have such a craving to take a day off of work and lay in my bed of flannel sheets and READ – I haven’t had any time to read lately and it has always been a strong addiction for me. I just want to curl up and disappear from the world for one day. I think we all need a day like that from time to time…

Have a few deep thoughts on me! How are YOU?


Kimmie said...

I hate hate hate fundraisers. I call my mom and my sister. We all put in $5-$10 as a cash donation and call it good. The order form goes back to school empty.

I'm an "at home mom" and feel like I need a day off. That's just plain sad.

Kate said...

I've definitely taken some mental health days like that. Ahhhh. Sounds good now, in fact.

I don't mind the fundraisers where they're actually selling something useful (like...ummm...cookie dough and cheesecake :D), but we don't guilt buy. Well, didn't. And then our neighborhood bought $700 worth of overpriced boy scout popcorn from J, and now I feel like we'd better make a few purchases from others. On the other hand, my 3 kids make up about 60% of the child population of our neighborhood, which sucks for them socially but is a huge relief to my checking acct.

And I want to hear that story! :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I'd love to just crawl back under the covers some days, too. Then my bladder goes off and I'm UP! Next week, when it's light in the morning, I'm afraid I won't be able to even sleep in until 6:30. That will suck (can I say that on here? LOL).

Deep thoughts...

I so appreciate our military men and women, too. Two of the finest people I know were in the Navy (one still is). That would be my son, Shaun, and my daughter, Amy. He's career and she got out after nearly 7 years. I have a slew of cousins and nephews who served in the army. In fact, one of my cousins was in one of the famous "Black Hawk Down" (Ray Dowdy) helicopters. Thank God for all of those who have the courage to serve.

Marla said...

Oh my so make me laugh. Random thoughts. I LOVE that about you!

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Doria said...

Ah to curl up with a good book! Sounds exactly like what I need! :) (With a smoke and cup of cofffee, yays)