Thursday, November 11, 2010

NO Thanks!

Going shopping the day after Thanksgiving is about as appealing to me as:

Having my jaw wired shut – VERY inconvenient, not fun, probably painful, but there is the benefit of not being able to eat solids for at least 6 weeks and therefore losing weight.

Having a baby with no pain meds – I did this once. I haven’t had any more kids since. I love what the outcome was- an adorable baby girl, however NOT SO MUCH FUN for many reasons.

Having no electricity for more than 24 hours – What an inconvenience and BORING, even though I wouldn’t have to run the vacuum, do my hair, or laundry.

Getting laid off from a Crap Job – Being laid off is rough on the pocketbook, however, not having to go in to a place you dread going to- well it's something anyway.
Going to a movie and having to sit in the front row – Is the neck pain really worth a good film?

Going to your High School Reunion – Sure it’s nice to see people again, but the stress, preparation and then the reality of how old you have gotten doesn’t seem worth it. (Not that I would know, I haven’t been to one yet due to anxiety)

Karaoke – Fun to watch, and make fun of others during, but once forced onto the stage while everyone else slinks away, could be a real problem.

Buying a Puppy or Kitten– Cute, Cuddly and Adorable is only few and far between cost, damage repair, mess clean up and heartache, not to mention having to invest in a good lint roller.

As you can see it's mostly bad with a  very slight silver lining and sure, there are benefits of shopping on black Friday or so I am told. However, the thought of getting up earlier than I do for work on a day off from work, fighting traffic and crowds, waiting in long lines with stressed and sweaty people just doesn’t outweigh those benefits.

PS – I am 85% done Christmas Shopping as of today. Guess what I will be doing the day after Thanksgiving? Thanking myself for choosing to RELAX and enjoying the long weekend.

Betcha can’t convince me otherwise. How are you?


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Call me crazy, but I love to get up the day after and go out. I've gone even when I didn't need to buy anything. I get my coffee fix, we get a list of where we want to go and what we want to get, and we're off.

Sadly, this year I won't be going. It doesn't look like I need to buy anything for anyone and don't know if my daughter will want to go out or not.

Kate said...

What?? 85% done? I hope to be that far by Christmas Eve! Lol. I hate, hate black Friday shopping. I don't need bargains enough to deal with that mess to get them.

We were without power for 5 days in December a few years ago. By day 3, I was bursting into tears when asked if we had power back. I am soooo not a trooper!

Kimmie said...

I do not shop the day after Thanksgiving. I do not shop the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not a good shopper on good days let alone with crowds and their germs. LOL

I had my jaw wired shut. I had some good pain meds but my mom forcefed me high cal shakes the whole 6-8 weeks so I didn't lose any weight. :0)

Marla said...

I hate shopping so the Black Friday thing would be up there with being sent to a Mexican Prison.

Give me the Internet, UPS and a pot of coffee and we can call it all good.

Doria said...

Im 85% done with my shopping list for my daughter, does that count for anything? I get to go black friday shopping, YAY! And I get to work... Double yays! (NOT) Im dreading both..