Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Signs We are in a Bad Economy

There is a box of L'Oreal hair color on the counter and I'm going to trust the hubby to color my hair for me. 

The kids are walking around in their snow pants, I'm folding 10 blankets each every morning, and they asked for snuggies and slippers on their Christmas lists, because we haven't turned on the heat yet. (I found a glove in the bedroom the other day....)

I'm constantly cleaning my fridge, because I can actually SEE in it.

My hubby replaced all the light switches with Dimmers. (I feel like I am at my grandparents house - I can't SEE)

My 6 month supply of disposable contacts lasts two years.

I told my daughter she couldn't see the words on the TV because of the glare. ("No, you don't need glasses- I can't see what it says either!") (see above reference to contacts)

We LET the dryer scream in it's slow death for several months before we replaced it with one found on Craig's List.

There is a list named after some guy called Craig and we check him out regularly for various household items.

I haven't had a pizza delivered in well over a year. (Tipping is costly- especially when the delivery person used to be your Banker and is driving a Ford Pinto he got off of Craig's List)

We are getting rid of our home phone- it's all bill collectors or telemarketers calling anyway.

When the phone does ring, the kids check caller ID and yell out "Don't answer it-it's unknown name/unknown number"!

I buy those coats that are two in one, and give one kid the inside and the other kid the outside and call it their new winter coats.

My son is the cool kid because he gets to wear a hoodie. (Why bother even buying him a coat he won't wear?)

We tell the kids we aren't going to the movies because of the bed bug outbreak.

My paper towels don't match the seasons anymore.

I'm actually glad that my daughter is really close to my shoe size and if she wears one of my socks -they fit!

We play games, read books, take walks, car-pool and talk to each other - and really what's better than that?
Well, I COULD think of a FEW things......


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Amen! We wouldn't have pizza delivery if Ron thought he could live without it. {sigh} It's the one thing give in on for him. Got rid of his movie channels and switched him to Netflix. Saved quite a bit on the cable bill. I'd cut it back even further but I feel bad that he's sitting here all day with nothing better to do.

Oh well... Life, eh? Beats the alternative.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh! Sooo many of these things are true for us! Except, I color my own hair, with mixed results, sometimes resulting in facebook posts like yesterday's: I'm the one who picked out the color, and it looks just like it does on the box, so why am I so surprised by how red my hair is?


Our dryer currently works, but we've been parking our cars in the driveway instead of our lovely garage for the past 2 years since we can't afford to fix the broken garage door.

I don't have a daughter to borrow my shoes or clothes, but I do wear my teenage sons' hand-me-down clothes and shoes.

And I LOVE the end of your blog. Beautiful! :)

Cheeseboy said...

Too funny. I think you can make those contacts last 4 years this time. I am still wearing my original pair and that was 15 months ago.

Doria said...

Ah I do most of these also! hahaha... You got a new-to-you dryer?! Whewt whewt!

Marla said...

We have pretty much the same list going here. Bob just said tonight how this economy has made him appreciate the things that really matter more. I think he meant spending time with me and the family. I'm pretty sure, anyway.