Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yep, I'm Craving Cake!  Sometimes just for the fun of it we will get a small birthday cake because.....
Well who needs a REASON?? But, our cake days are very limited these days - My husband is on a Gluten Free Diet (Supposed to be a help in keeing MS symptoms away)  I don't need cake, but I sure do want some!
  My high school classmates and friend who is one of the most talented people I know could really fix a girl's craving.  You MUST see her amazing creations!! But not only are the cakes AMAZING to look at, I have personally tried her cakes and they are TO DIE FOR. Moist, Rich, WOW!  I just wish I could ring a little bell and Monica with a cake would come running!
Enjoy these Pictures from Monica's Custom Cakes in Burton, Ohio (sorry, to give you a craving!)

Everything is edible except the flowers!
This is REALLY CAKE!!!

The Fries are CAKE too!!

Check out all of her creations -


Ellen said...

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely amazing works of cake art! You have to do a follow up post on her cakes - it would be the perfect excuse to get a "cake fix" ;)

Thanks for sharing. Now I'm off to find a bite o' cake!


Kristen said...

How about this - When I get 50 Followers, I will give away some of her Cake Pops to a lucky winner! You just have to remind me.... The cake pops are like mini frosted cake explosions - Amazing!