Sunday, August 8, 2010


This weekend is gorgeous, the humidity has subsided, and although it is still hot, it gets cool at night. All of the sounds of August are here – crickets, frogs, cicadas, birds – you name it. We decided to get our brand-new tent (purchased at least two years ago) out of the box and pop it up and have a camp-out with the kids. Thankfully we live in an area that is very “Country”. Our town is so small that we have no actual “town”, it consists of an Italian restaurant, a gas station, a post office; we just got a Subway (restaurant), and the school, which is Kindergarten through 12th –all in one building. Yep, it’s that small here, so camping out in the backyard feels about as remote and any camp-site. As a matter of fact we live near a State Park where people I work with drive to in order to go camping out in the country. Our Log Home is tucked in a nook of tall pine trees and lots of nature. You can’t see us from the road even though we do have some houses close-by, you would never know it. So we didn’t have to go very far to set up camp. (A great little clearing in our yard makes a perfect site) After a nice day of swimming and NO cleaning (it’s a miracle for me!) we settled down to camp. We played Corn-hole, cooked on the fire, had S’mores, and looked up at the starts until the fresh and nice cool air made us sleepy and we all climbed into the tent. Well, we made it until 2:52am. My back was killing me – it got COLD and damp! We all woke up around the same time, did some various complaining and agreed it would be a lot nicer in our own beds, so we trekked inside and laughed at ourselves. I tried to sleep-in this morning only to be woken up by the darn wood-pecker who is in love with the side of our house- so much for indoor comforts.
It was a nice in-expensive camping trip. I’m now on the laptop drinking coffee and about to take some Advil for my back pains. Very unlike my brother who is also camping with his family this week in Maine. Their camping is MUCH different. His RV (or condo on wheels) is nicer than parts of my house – granite countertops, outdoor wide-screen TV, marble kitchen floor, king-size bed, dishwasher, and stainless steel full size fridge! Making memories here in the country, a little sore, but happy. How are YOU?

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