Thursday, August 12, 2010

NOT worried

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, which means it is going to be a GREAT day and I am not superstitious! No, I am not worried about anything going wrong tomorrow despite a MOUNTAIN of work I have to do.

(Commercial interruption  Did you see the office version of A Minute to Win it? - Really want to be coordinated enought to go on that show!)

After work I raced home, calling the kids on the way to get ready so we could go out to eat, ran in the house and cleaned the sink while the car was running, (I'm not worried about my OCD taking over my life, really.  You'd hardly know anything was wrong with me)   Nothing special, just have to go to the grocery store so no food in the house right now.  Don had a meeting so it was just me and the kids.  We went to this cute Italian Restaurant on the town square and my  first mistake was:  parking  further away, so we could walk a little.  My daughter who hates bugs stepped on two Cicada's that looked to be doing something that shouldn't be done in a public place-  They made this loud engine like noise and scared all of us and her ecspecially,  half to death.  We all kind of jumped and ran as the Cicada's buzzed around us and  narrowly missed a nice fresh pile of Dog Poo smack in the middle of the sidewalk.
Second mistake:  was sitting in the section of the restaurant where apparently all the "regulars" usually sit and it threw them all off  as they came in and wondered if we were someone they were supposed to know- while they stared us down, the sun steamed in the windows right at eye level so we had a hard time looking at each other throughout dinner and then realized it was also a great place for the fly convention.  The same daughter who hates bugs got the front row seat.....
Third mistate:   was ordering from the Lighter Fare part of the menu - the portions were TINY. My son wasn't too happy with me when he ate his meal in 3 bites.  The ice cream I got them for dessert was bigger sized portions than their dinner.

After dinner we sat in the car and just talked while we ate our never ending ice creams- I learned from my teenage son that he never wants kids, (despite pointing out a really cute and brand new baby in the restaurant) He is going to be a millionaire right out of high school so he won't need to go to college but isnt sure how,  just knows he will be one. He might get married, but will hire security to keep his sisters from attending, because they are just way too annoying, and no, they won't ever grow out of  it- DUH!
But I'm NOT worried about his future, really.

My husband is in a lovely mood becase he got stuck at work on a teleconference with his boss who ranted and raved about the meaning of courage and no I'm not worried about him going off on his boss one day SOON - really.

So happy Friday the 13th tomorrow - I'm not the scary movie type, but maybe for tomorrow I'll catch one... (and no, I'm not worried about being able to fall asleep again......)

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