Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Popular

So they came out with the most popular things list.  My whole life I have been pretty good at liking things before they get really popular and stop liking things once everyone has one.  I'll add my two cents to the list:

White Cars:  I have had one white car.  It was the 2nd car I owned, unfortunately received after my first  and very cute little Volkswagen Rabbit's engine blew, so my Dad brought home a lovely Aries K Car as a surprise. Most people will not even know what this is.  It had only AM radio, no A/C and the bench front seat was rusted into place so I had to sit with a pillow behind my back to reach the pedals.
 I was the only one of my friends at college with a car, so me and my car were very popular!  My car was soon dubbed "Milky" by everyone.  I took a lot of hits on the jokes front, but I had wheels.  I did gladly watch the tow truck driver haul it away one day as the whole bottom of it fell out.....
Would I ever have a white car again? Absolutely NOT.  I can't think of one single car that looks good in white and I do not mean to offend anyone, but I think white cars are only popular because they have plenty in stock at the local dealerships when it's time to buy a car? I'm a fan of black, although I currently have the extremely popular dark bluish-grey Honda Odyssey (I also am NOT a mini-van kind of girl, but when you have three kids it's really the only option...) and yes, that color was the one I could get off the lot THAT day, so I get it, I get it....

Item at Walmart: Banana
I guess when I do get groceries at Walmart, I buy Banana's but I buy Banana's every time I get groceries and I prefer to not get my produce from Walmart.  I would say that every time I go to Walmart I buy something I do not need and didn't really want in that form but the price was right.  I always vow not to go into Walmart again, but I keep going back. I do not EVER say, Honey, can you stop at Walmart and pick up some banana's......

Job: Sales Clerk
I think everyone has been one at one time or another.  My very first job was a bakery sales girl, then a cashier at the local grocery store, then I worked for Thom McCan shoes as a sales clerk and a bridal store.  Would I be a sales clerk again? Actually, I probably would since my dream job is to own my own bookstore one day. Most of my friends were waitresses or bartenders because the money was so much better, but I could never have been gutsy enough for that kind of job. I see where it gets its popularity though -there is no lack of retail stores out there.

Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios
I' ve never eaten them myself - honestly the smell of Cheerios reminds me of dry cat food for some reason.  The sweet adorable lady in the office across from mine brings a bag of cheerios every day and around 9:30am she says -"I'm going to eat my Cheerios now" and I start mouth breathing...  HOWEVER, I do buy Honey Nut Cheerios for my kids - they are healthy and they say they taste good. 
Personally I prefer Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries.

Chips: Lays
OK, I agree, there is nothing better than a greasy Lays Potato Chip. However, I rarely buy them if ever b/c of the (OCD moment)greasy fingerprints everyone will leave from eating them and the small crumbs that will be left on my floor.  I actually love Target's brand of chips....

Fish: Shrimp
I like shrimp. But not enough for it to be popular. My husband is violently allergic to it so we don't ever cook it at home and I rarely order it out.  I love Grouper.  I would think this one is popular due to the amount you can eat it one sitting, probably.

Dog: Labrador
Well of course it is!  There are 3 kinds:  The yellow smart ones, the Black Hyper ones and the Brown adorably less-bright ones (which I prefer) and who doesn't love someone else's Labrador? But in my house, is another story.  I love dogs, just thinking a dog won't love me wiping it's paws off every single time it comes inside.  I do know a couple who wipes their dogs mouth every time it drinks water. I get it I really do but who has time for that?

Worldwide Vacation: France
Sounds like lovely place.  I won't be going unless someone else is paying.  Give me Italy, Ireland  or maybe Australia.

Lipstick: Revlon
This is how little I care about make-up: I know what color the tube is that it is in, but I never go based on brand.  My current lipstick is in a Mauve-ish tube with gold trim?

Sneaker: Nike Air Force One
Sounds like a plane?  If the tennis shoes (not to be confused with SNEAKERS- never use that word) looks like it will match my workout clothes and it feels comfy - they are mine. OH and they are less then my Electric Bill.  I NEVER wear tennis shoes unless I am exercising- NEVER.

Sports Car : Camaro
Full circle time.  Before I had to drive the lovely white Aries K Car, my Mom had a super Hot Red Camaro.  She really trusted me when I was 16, so for awhile, I was so cute driving around town in my little Red Camaro.  Then WHAM, Dad got me an Aries K car and that was the last sports car I ever drove...
(I still have time and don't worry, those Vintage Camaro's look really fun - in Black!)

Not so popular, how about you?

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