Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is my Grandma who I call Nannie.  She has passed, but I still think of her every single day. Isn't she beautiful? She and my Grandpa, "Poppies" were together since they were 14!  The were the kindest, most wonderful people - I am so lucky to have had them in my life.  Funny story - among MANY - Nannie had breast cancer (I know, not funny yet) and she had her breasts removed, so she had "falsies" in her bra, which I never really knew about. Well one day Don and I were playing cards or dice with Nannie and Poppies, drinking Vodka and Tonics and sitting on the floor in their tiny living room of their sweet tiny house, and having a side-splitting good time when I see her take off and escape to the kitchen.  Se called me in, and proceeds to hysterically laugh and tell me how her falsie fell out of her bra and slid down her arm and she luckily caught it in her hand, tucking it back into her sleeve before any of us could notice it.  And she's laughing!  So, I did too and we thought it was a lucky save.  Then we laughed because Poppies was known and Mr Lucky Pants because he wore the same jeans and always won every game we played.  I told her she must have somehow gotten into Mr Lucky's Pants and we roared with laughter some more until the men told us to get back out there so they could beat us at our game......  I
I love high heels and like to think I got this love from Nannie who was never without heels on - even her slippers!  So here is a picture of a pair of heels I have that I have only worn 2x out, and would love to have a place to wear them to and think of Nannie and how much joy she brought to my life
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I'm remembering two amazing people today,and YOU?

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