Friday, August 6, 2010

In a rut

It' Friday! But I'm not ready for it.  I need a few more days... Not really, I mean, I'm glad it has arrived finally but I have no plans.  Other than the usual whole house cleaning and maybe a pedicure, we have nothing to do and no money to spend.  I'm in a rut of normalcy.  I need excitement, but NOT the bad kind! Sure, I can catch up on my stored TV programs, read all the blogs I'm following, go for a swim, do the MANY loads of laundry, but there HAS to be something else out there....
I started blogging in hopes of catching the writers-bug and start my novel but I am not feeling overly creative in a non-fiction sense.  I am trying to get some followers on this blog but I feel that I need a specific focus. 
I spent most of my life as a recruiter and came up with an idea awhile back for a fun tv show - What People Do For a Living.  Joan Rivers had a little show recently called How'd You Get So Rich and my idea was along those lines but not focusing on just the rich.  Maybe I will interview the people I run across in blogs and promote them on my blog?    Who knows... but I need a plan, a spark, something new and exciting.
I did get a new work-out DVD and I plan to use it DAILY starting tomorrow....
I'm in a rut at the moment but I'm on my way out.  And you?

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