Sunday, August 29, 2010

Like Bikes?

So, you know how when you hit next blog up at top of Blogger? I do this every day until I come across a blog that interests me in hopes that this is how my blog will be discovered.  Well, the problem is that I am stuck in the middle of blogs all about Bikes. Not the vintage motocycle bikes that I like, actual propelled by the power of your own legs kind. 
Here is my experience with bikes:

We moved out of the suburbs with sidewalks to the midde of nowhere when I was five and just learning how to ride a bke.  Our road was dirt with lots of pot holes, and our driveway was gravel.  We lived on the backside of the 13th hole of a golf course, so occassionally I could take my bike over to one of the cart paths and ride it. (this was how I learned to rollerskate too)

Where we lived there was an abundane of V-flies.  If you do not know what these are or are lucky enough to not have experienced them, they are like flying piranah.  One day my Mom, probably feeling bad that we coudn't ride our bikes anywhere decided  we should all go on a bike adventure.  (She most likely had not been on a bike in about 15 years - like me now.)  We set off, she is leading the pack, and the V-flies start swarming her.  She is not an avid bike rider so in order to keep her hands on the handle bars she begins to whip her head and hair around.  The next thing I know, she has gone off the road down a ravine and landed in a ditch with V-flies all over her and plenty of scrapes and bruises.  I was scarred for life. I am sure it was much worse for me, seeing her down there than it was for her...

For awhile, my boyfriend got into mountain bike racing.  This was kind of like the old days of going to boat shows and boat yards, except now we were travelling into remote areas of Michigan to watch races, sit in the car, get splashed with mud, eat lots of granola, look at birkensocks- ugh, and sit in the car.

I took a spin class - I cheated. Riding bikes for long periods of time makes your butt look bigger - no thanks.

None of my kids would learn to ride their bikes the easy way.  Every single one of the stubborn things chose the opportunity of me washing dishes to sneak outside, get on their bike and pedal away. Perfectly.  After I had spent hours angushing that they would be the only kid who couldn't ride a bike.

So needless to say, I haven't had a great relationship with bikes and I have been wondering what is the underlying meaning of bike blogs surrounding mine? So, if you are a random bike enthusiast and you happen across my blog, here are some pics of bikes I might like......

And there you have it.  I might ride one of these.... Not riding today, How are You?

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